Bull Run on the Horizon? - CryptoCurrency Bull Run - Crypto Bull Run News

in #crypto6 years ago

Is the cryptocurrency market about to go on a Bull Run?

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Neo and has baby! I’d like to see a return to 10k bitcoin average at that point I’ll start reinvesting in my mines. 17BEA4PfD5DkA5ea7Dt8dBcoSJJMth37hw

I hope so too but I think it make dip one more time before we go on a “Bull Run”. All I’m doing right now is holding.

Keep up the great work!! I believe we may have a small up trend in btc!! BTC: 1JSHMeMwG7c3pjVGbMm1eU2cta7aV5vL1B
ETC: 0x25D2a5E0FE3f722A27E846908C52f1a6ff37022B

This bottom seems to be pretty steady, I just hope we see another one! Hope we get everything we wanted, GET THAT NEO!

BTC: 1ECGfqRM5Pqe7wBK3o6aM2cEDqic4f1SvT

Bull run is on the horizon but how far away is the horizon. If we have another correction I will just strengthen my positions.

WootWoot!!! finally the green sea