Being early in crypto is never a dumb move.

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Crypto is a revolutionary technology that allows us to make monetary transactions in a safe and anonymous manner. It uses asymmetric cryptography which is difficult for databased authorities to monitor, track and/or track. In simpler terms, it redefined money in many ways all while removing the third party; the bank or government.

Cryptocurrency offers a unique financial experience that is different from bank cards or traditional currency exchanges. Investors have found the new digital currency market a golden opportunity to expand their personal wealth with crypto investment tips and crypto millionaires scripts!

The moment you understand the purpose of digital currency, it becomes easier to understand Cryptocurrency benefits make cryptocurrencies always have strong momentum and keep investors' confidence to extend their value significantly.

Imagine that you no longer need to rely on banks, credit cards, and credit products - in the future, you would be able to carry your money around with you. That possibility is soon becoming a reality, and it is what cryptocurrencies provide; namely anonymous transactions.

Crypto money(s) are promising: they are digital, accessible to anyone online, easy to manage (offline too), their value changes very quickly and they offer state-of-the-art security features. There have been instances where business owners have seen an overnight explosion in their profits by using crypto as a form of payment through more sincere connections between consumers, payment partners, and buyers.

Today, there are different forms of cryptocurrencies available; some more popular than others including BTC (bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), and X RP (ripple). Cryptocurrencies are not limited to only these three. There are also different coins that have been released as well as a variety of mining methods. Using cryptocurrencies, you can exchange them for regular currency such as U.S Dollars or Euros and use them when buying goods and services online or locally.

There are moments when it is deeply satisfying to contemplate the infinite potential of something or someone; to believe that life is really a glorious struggle meant for us to win.

There are still many people who don't know about crypto assets and what they can do for them.

I see cryptocurrencies as a social movement. With the popularity of online payment platforms such as PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo increasing day by day so has the demand for cryptocurrencies. e.g there were over 200 billion online transactions in 2017 while only 6 billion were made with cash. This increase in demand has also resulted in a significant rise in the value of cryptocurrencies. The values of Bitcoin and Ethereum have increased by 6,000% and 15,000% respectively over the last year. This was due to people investing in cryptocurrencies to capitalize on the increasing demand for them. The value of Bitcoin is now up over $10,000 US dollars.

I hope one day these currencies will be accepted by companies on a large scale and you can use them to pay even for groceries. I do see an estimated future where cryptocurrency is adopted and legitimate by society. The success of cryptocurrencies is dependent on how fast the adoption rate occurs around the world. If companies accept it as a means of payment then more people will start using it and trust in this currency would increase further.

When it comes to money, the opportunity for infinite wealth can be found if anyone understands how to invest. Cryptocurrency offers opportunities for unlimited trading. Crypto-investment can provide the amount of insight and practice to start investing and trading, making opportunities to trade and invest in the future. Cryptocurrency experts are the ones that understand the way of investing with cryptocurrency and how to succeed in investing in these digital assets.

People have never needed currency more than they do now, largely because of technology. New advances in blockchain technologies have brought forth an exponential rise in trade and time as well. I think that as the world is changing people will begin to trust cryptocurrencies and be willing to spend them just like any other currency that has value.

My journey to the world of crypto.

NFA: Not Financial Advice!



Crypto is the future as the WEB3.0 will be integrated with the blockchain in most cases!

The future is bright for crypto & blockchain tech. Cheers! 🍻🎶

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