⚠️More FTX fuckery. // Malware, hacks, Sam fleeing to Argentina?

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According to a FTX telegram admin FTX has been hacked or someone from the inside stole the money. This includes FTX US and the mobile app.
Outflows of over 600 million USD have been reported.


Apparently malware has also been detected. I only ever used the FTX app as Blockfolio to track my balances. Never connected it to any wallet or did trades with it but I deleted it anyway the second I noticed the app wasnt updating numbers properly.
I hope Im in the clear here. So please, if you use Blockfolio (FTX APP) delete it as fast as you can.

Could be a coincidence (Sure) here but apparently, someone tracked Sams private jet flying to Argentina.


The 600 million USD being extracted from FTX could be inside job and not a hack as some are reporting and here you see his private jet flying to Argentina.
It very much seems like he might have took the money and ran. Now, ofc, this is news a few hours old and hard to verify if hes even on the plane, but if he is, this isnt looking good.

When it comes to Do Kwon, he was pretty much an arrogant incompetent clown that lost people money because LUNA was badly designed garbage. Sam is a different story. It seems his actions were premeditated, his actions thought through and if it turns out he is fleeing to Argentina with 600 million USD he stole this morning he could be in a world of trouble.
Do Kwons and Mashinskys defense can be very simple:

"Wer just fucking incompetent idiots."

Sam wont have the privilege of that defense.


Bankman is under supervision in the Bahamas. He apparently didnt flee to Argentina.

Stay safe. Buy Hive. Screw everything else.


I love the way you ended this.... Stay safe. Buy Hive. Screw everything else. especially the Hive part. ✌️✌️

I read both his parents are compliance officers. They know the business rules inside and out. If all this news is even slightly accurate it goes to show how corrupt even the people we expect to keep businesses honest. I hope it doesn’t have to end badly but day by day it sure looks like a mess. !LOL

What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don’t know and I don’t care.

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If hes actually on the plane and running to Argentina, there must be a reason for choosing Argentina.

It's more likely an Insider job not a Hack as far I think.....but well, heard tether had blacklists transferred done by hacker.

And if he's running than it's not Going to end like do Kwon. Getting more interesting! Let's see what's coming.

It is getting more interesting indeed.

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That fer, obviously he‘s taking off