eToro links up with Twitter

in #crypto5 months ago

eToro, the sharetrading app has announced a deal with Twitter:

Feed of prices and graphs of crypto and stocks from eToro, will get displayed live on Twitter. Twitter trading symbols (like $TSLA for Tesla), will show real-time charts when you click on them, not just tweets with the tag. If you click through the chart and are already logged into your eToro app, you'll be able to trade.

You can see why eToro are happy about the deal. Twitter has a big crypto community, as well as a big financial community.

eToro is an Israeli-based start-up which had planned to go public in 2022, but dropped their plans due to the bear market in tech stocks, which caused their estimated valuation to drop.

Twitter benefits because this could enable them to become a financial platform. It's not yet clear how Elon Musk has monetised this - either charging eToro fees per impression (like adverts) or commission on trades.