Crypto Class Action - Update & Material filed for next hearing

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This friday I've got my next hearing in the Crypto Class Action against Facebook & Google for banning the ads of the cryptocurrency industry in early 2018.
[UPDATE: Hearing has been delayed until April because Judge is super busy.]

This will be my fourth 90+ minute hearing before Justice Rares and I have filed a very large amount of material supporting my claim.

@brianoflondon has also prepared some amazing interactive charts showing the impact of Facebook, Google and Twitter's ad bans on market prices and volumes.

We've also included data on amounts raised in ICO smart contracts and amounts locked up in DeFi smart contracts which shows an amazing correlation with the ETH price.

I'm not sure this analysis has been published anywhere else. The ETH price is clearly driven by the amount of ETH locked up in smart contracts.

We think its pretty persuasive that Facebook and Google's ad bans caused the big market drops in 2018.

We hope the Judge finds it persuasive too.

Screen Shot 20210221 at 14.36.07.png

This is just a screenshot as the interactive charts are HTML, produced by @brianoflondon's amazing self taught Python skills.

To give you an idea of the immense amount of material I've filed to support our claim, have a look at this 5 volume Court Book I complied to bring everything together.

Just like an army is only as good as its logistics, a legal case is dependent on its evidence and file management of huge amounts of material.

The preparation requires 100x as many hours as the clash in the Courtroom.

If I was billing my time at an hourly rate for a lawyer of my seniority and experience and @brianoflondon's time at a similar rate for consultant then getting to this stage would have already cost well over $1 million.

Andrew Paul Stuart Hamilton v Facebook Inc. & Google LLC NSD899/2020

Court Book Table of Contents

Volume 1

1Interlocutory Application: Leave to Serve and No Adverse Costs Order
4Applicant Submissions for 11 Sep 2020 Interlocutory Hearing
13Applicant Submissions for 30 Oct 2020 Interlocutory Hearing
17Applicant Submissions for 18 Dec 2020 Interlocutory Hearing
21Applicant Submissions for 5 Mar 2021 Interlocutory Hearing
27Complete List of Authorities as at 1 Mar 2021

Volume 2

27 Aug 2020 Affidavit of Andrew Hamilton

7Annex AAG’s Hague service guide
15Annex BFacebook Address for Service NSD 246/2020
17Annex CGoogle Address for Service NSD 816/220
19Annex DFacebook 2019 Annual Report
129Annex EAlphabet 2019 Annual Report
228Annex FAndrew Hamilton CV
236Annex G19 Mar 2018 Letter to ACCC
240Annex H31 July 2018 Letter to ACCC

6 Sep 2020 Affidavit of Andrew Hamilton

5Annex AFacebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
10Annex BFacebook Terms of Service
18Annex CFacebook Ad Ban Policy 30 Jan 2018
22Annex C1Facebook Ad Ban Policy 30 Jan 2018 (alt copy)
26Annex DFacebook Ad Ban Announcement 26 Jun 2018
31Annex EFacebook Ad Ban Announcement 8 May 2019
34Annex FFacebook Ad Ban Policy 8 May 2019
35Annex GGoogle AdWords Terms and Conditions
40Annex HGoogle Ad Ban Policy June 2018
41Annex IGoogle Ad Ban Policy 26 Sep 2018
44Annex JGoogle Ad Ban Announcement Sep 2018
45Annex KGoogle Ad Ban Policy 7 Jun 2019
50Annex LGoogle Ad Ban Policy current
54Annex MGoogle Terms of Service 31 Mar 2020
68Annex NGoogle Terms of Service 25 Oct 2017
73Annex OInternet of Blockchains (Web 3.0) Article

9 Sep 2020 Affidavit of Andrew Hamilton

3Annex AACCC acknowledgement of receipt

Volume 3

10 Dec 2020 Affidavit of Andrew Hamilton

9Annex ANanopool ETH earnings
13Annex BExodus Wallet ETH transactions export
17Annex CCryptocurrency holdings 31 Dec 2017
18Annex C1BTC Markets - ETH price & volume chart
19Annex DBTC Markets ETH transactions
20Annex ESt George ETH sale deposits
21Annex FAcorn purchase with ETH
23Annex GGrant Hamilton Crypto Advisory Marketing Material
29Annex HHiveBuzz Screenshot
30Annex I30 Jan 2018 Daily Steem Stats Report
56Annex JSteem Statistics
57Annex KSteem Sales Bittrex & Finance
naAnnex LACCC Digital platforms inquiry - Final Report (lodged separately)
61Annex MGoogle response letter regarding cartel claim
62Annex NFacebook crypto ad disapproval message
64Annex ODOJ Google Anti-trust lawsuit statement
naAnnex PMark Zuckerberg Senate testimony (video file emailed separately)

Volume 4

1 Mar 2021 Affidavit of Andrew Hamilton - Part 1

11Annex ABitcoin White Paper
20Annex BEthereum White Paper
55Annex CETH Price and Volume Charts
58Annex C1Google Ad Ban Media Report - 14 Mar 2018
59Annex DGDAX Flash Crash explanation
63Annex EICO Charts

Volume 5

1 Mar 2021 Affidavit of Andrew Hamilton - Part 2

69Annex FList of completed ICOs
124Annex GUSA 2017 IPO total raise media report
125Annex HETH Price and Volume Charts with ICO monthly raise data
128Annex IBancor statements re ICO
134Annex JDeFi Pulse - DeFi top Projects and value locked in DeFi
136Annex KETH Price and Volume Charts with ICO & DeFi data
naAnnex LInteractive ETH Charts - HTML format - Separate file
138Annex MFacebook Subsidiaries - Exhibit 21.1 to 2019 Annual Report
140Annex NAlphabet Subsidiaries - Exhibit 21.1 to 2019 Annual Report
141Annex OASIC Extract - Google Australia Pty Ltd
146Annex PFacebook Revenue Recognition - page 64 of 2018 Annual Report
147Annex QGoogle Revenue Recognition - page 55 of 2018 Annual Report
149Annex RUser comments on cryptocurrency ad disapprovals

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We hope the Judge finds it persuasive too

So do I!

Shhh don't tell Craig Wright, but the Bitcoin White-paper is now officially part of the Australian Legal System court records. And the ETH one too!

This is an IPFS link to the ETH AUD chart if you want to play with it:


Do you think the recent add bans and other stuff that we have been hearing about in the news lately is going to impact your case at all? I feel like it should be favorable on your part because people are aware now of just how much influence the big tech companies have. Especially in Australia.

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My feeling is that all the recent developments, especially Facebook's astonishing deletion of Australian news, help us. This case is a ticking time bomb for big tech.

That is what I was thinking as well. Thanks for the reply!

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Good luck with the hearing. Do they pick a judge who has some experience in this sort of thing? Your average judge wouldn't have a clue I wouldn't have thought.

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The Judge is quite knowledgeable about technology issues, the internet and even social media.
He’s also a quick learner.

Very important work to the global community!! 100% behind you supporting



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