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RE: What is the use of cryptocurrencies?

Id just say that i definitely dont think Bitcoin is a good store of value. I find it to be quite the opposite.

Based purely on the size of the BTC market it is a stronger token than STEEM. There is also the pure number of miners compared to STEEM protecting the network. Its an order of magnitude difference.

The only cryptocurrency that its worth getting into right now is STEEM.

I disagree with this whole heartedly. If I was going to suggest an alternative token (and blockchain) it would be Horizen ($ZEN). I think this token and application is farther ahead and the applications that are coming will be more useful in an anti-fragile, long term distributed, holder of value than STEEM.

However, its the black/white of your arguement that I really take exception to. The world is grey, and while I see a lot of potential with STEEM there is a LONG way to go before it can be a reliable store of value or the dApps get mass adoption.

I read a post on this blockchain today saying how #appics is better than instagram! That's ludicrous. It may have a lot of potential compared to Instagram, but I can't even download it from the AppStore.

We need to be realistic as to where we are in the life of STEEM and stop thinking that we are farther along. There are a lot of good here and that is why I've moved some of my BTC into SP and am working to curate more of the type of content that I want to see.

And speaking of whales

The state of the market right now shows that the price movements are generally affected by whale manipulation and hype.

There are plenty of whales on this platform that would rather discourage minnows from posting by downvoting without actually producing content themselves; and it is these people that can move the value of STEEM up or down as they wish.