Anchor Liquidations on Terra: Introducing TerraDefi by AzoyaLabs

in #cryptocurrency6 months ago

TerraDefi by azoyalabs - twitter.png

The AzoyaLabs team is proud of presenting our first product: TerraDefi, your new platform for liquidations on Anchor! You can access it at:

We support all currently available markets for liquidation:


We also focused on providing you with a clean, simple UI with a twist: TerraDefi enables you to send multiple bids at once. No more tedious bid by bid process!

The current state of your bids also became simple to track. Whether a bid needs activation or has been filled, it’s all here!


All in all, TerraDefi is a convenient, clean and easy to use platform to interact with Anchor and we are sure you’ll love it! Give it a try at !

We also a lot planned for future extensions, such as automation or aUST bids, so give us a follow on Twitter: