Crytpo Going to the Moon! - CryptoCurrency Moon Shot! - Crypto News

The cryptocurrency market is going to the moon! Crypto News and which altcoins are on the rise!

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I always love getting your opinions and thoughts... They are a big help. Keep it up!


Neo, LTC and Ripple look like they are going to have a promising year. I have big hopes for them.


I agree!

I jus got into NEO I want more 1KaeqRD6MKWjbopufS3o34YmBCnZypRXhc

i will mone soon!!! with my neo! :D:D:DD:D

Hello fellow #Crypto #Hodlers,

#NEO just Announced that they will be giving out a COMMUNITY REWARD (in the form of #Ontology tokens ($ONT) to anyone holding NEO Coins within their NEON Wallets.

Airdrop ratio: Each NEO will get 0.2 ONT (50% of which are freely tradable and the other 50% are automatically locked).
The snapshot of NEO addresses will be done at block height 1974823, which is estimated to be at March 1st, 2018, around 5:00 am (Pacific Time).


Thank you very much for reading!

BTC: 1NJ6TMf3fCJqxGgbRgSb19LQ6hLNyhymz .... i am new to the krypto world and watching your videos really helps me understand more about the market, thanks so much keep it up.

Strap on your helmet and fire the trustees I’m tired of scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Agreed! I’m very bullish on Tron, NEO, and Ripple. I’m patiently waiting!! Lol

BTC: 1DCVoeap35jUdctyCkh93341RrEmjuuUag

I believe TNC,NEO, LRC, QTUM will be huge in coming years!! BTC: 1JSHMeMwG7c3pjVGbMm1eU2cta7aV5vL1B
ETC: 0x25D2a5E0FE3f722A27E846908C52f1a6ff37022B

Media started talking a lot (after some time) about TRX and XRP after this moon shot, thoughts? How long can we still get it? Should we hurry up?
BTC: 3B2Y5x6wWe3NkXstBaKiCBQMkDr4G68TdJ

Tron to the moooooooon!!!
Oh wait I forgot, u like Neo...

Neo to the mooooooooon!!!!

Hey guys I am loving neo at $96 and still like nebl. Tron coin burn coming 31 of march great time to double/triple up.


Me too. Thought about buying more at $80 but got greedy and waited for it to dip a little more. Woke up and it was at $100. Missed out. I ended up buying more at $96. I'm happy with that.

After the new year we should see that go up, I wonder what the low will be before then. Like you said, I don't think it'll hit $4000 as a low. Thank you for sharing!

BTC: 1DRUkabM58mkRajfjwPBGFu9Yzj9Vi9EUS

1 trillion here we come!

I'm pretty sure that Funfair got delisted from Bittrex a few days ago..

This is true. It's best to transfer any FUN to Binance. Bittrex is also delisting RISE and GEO I read.

Feb. 26 @ 2pm BULLRUN! 16izgwjsZj1vjv3YF9WJ1esGP9jA3t2jTV

As a community, the more we shut down these scams, the faster we can implement cryptocurrency into daily life. Thats the one thing we are missing that will transform the cryptocurrency game

Let's get that moon shot!