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hi , how much APR are you getting by delegating steem power ?

I’ve been looking into finding a not to trade with but there all so expensive to use and if you don’t have a lot of money to put in them it’s useless. I stay away from ICOs due to the scams and have had personal friends get ripped off from them. After watching this I went onto there website to research myself and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to invest only about 100 into this and see what will come of it. Another reason I like this is that it’s based in California.

I really am a strong believer in the crypto world. My first experience was a very big uneducated mistake (I explain in one of my blogs what happened) but overall my mistake has taught me a lesson!

I hope everyone is making gains and growing their capital. We are a team, good luck guys :)

its looking like a good project.. lets see how it turns out. still undecided on how to spread my portfolio, newbies or veterans.
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Good work team! Interesting video
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might actually be worth investigating a lil more.... more research is about to go down!


I love your content zach and the whole team are cryptobeasts been watching ur videos on youtube for over a month didnt even miss a single video i would ljke tto upvote u and resteem this video thanks.

Not too bad, always keep the reviews real. Keep up the good work!
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I mainly use my upvotes for Crypto Coin News posts and for the replies you guys write I spent several minutes upvoting all the comments to try and help the CCN community :)

Feel free to upvote mine and if I missed yours let me know and I will be happy to upvote it :)


Hashflare reduced mining prices

keep it up buddy!!

Come on Zach, we need more Steemit Updates, you were the one who encouraged me to sign up, and now I am hooked lol :) Great job with the YouTube daily videos kind sir.

Curious to know; what coins are you guys invested in and what price did you get in at?

Concept is interesting but to be frank how much could you believe the bot will work well? This has been something that has been promoted and seem to not be perfect (even in stock trading).. I think I need to see more to invest into it.. 14KMwR3SwampUTGVP1v61MXfisUCZ38ybT

Im Looking for just the right ICO


Can you please do a video on BTG Bitcoin Gold? Great Roadmap and they will have their own debit card out soon.

Thanks, Max. I appreciate the information you are sharing and the timbre in which you present.


Ditto, I feel the same.

This should be interesting. I will be looking forward to this platform, as option. Although it seems like easy money, remember the bot can and will make mistakes. But I will look into how this robot works, maybe I can steal a few tricks.

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Nice Review! I learned a lot from watching this video. Know I’m conducting my own research. Thanks! @cryptocoinnewz

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Nice to learn something new to diversity my crypto investment portfolio.

It was an interesting video. I'm glad you are getting paid ads in your channel. Keep it ethical, and I'm sure CCN path with be to the moon!

Really useful and interesting facts, Thanks for sharing!

CCN and coffee in the morning. BTC: 1JWo5DatzP9NgSZVrvCMmxFayVPzGKaeaz

I'm actually feeling CCN and McDonalds right now looking at your profile picture lol

Love your Youtube Channel! Thanks for everything. I will be watching closely! :-)
Bitcoin Wallet

Love the amount of detail that goes into making each video! Also do some resesrch on your own guys check out the website and take a look around yourself. Great project! 1MB1oVjuu9JxumkyXFBMSGcqiWy3ESyXLY

Objectify instructions blocks bucks. Haircut Incubate kibbutz tang and superannuation yougart history

Happy to see a company come out and not offer a trading bot and guarenteed returns like a lot of other scam coins out there and the transparency is a huge plus. Lets see how this goes.


What is your thoughts about Telcoin

Awesome videos. Hodl Strong people! Check out CMPCO

Bitcoin 20k end of Feburary

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You guys aren't uploading as much over here. I watch your channel on you tube

cool thx mate will check this out seems interesting

Hiya guys, I found you via YouTube. Love the channel and the content, I am a newbie in the Crypto space. Looking to invest in projects I love such as the green energy sector and health. Also trying to learn as I trade to turn my tiny bit of money into a bit more so that I can fund my new Vegan business startup :)

Great Content, always very informative!

Great review and tips! What are your thoughts on stacking TRX before March 31st coin burn?

love the content my dude im holding tron and hope it does well

thank you

seems interesting

Not sure about this "arbitraging" stuff. Seems like a lot of work.


@cryptocoinnewz why have you stopped posting?

I like the case scenarios such as how to properly invest a $1000, and the rationale for such decisions.

How many drops does it charge you per transaction. I looked into it specially for the Arbitrage. Seems pretty awesome



hi like your videos !!

cheers buds!

Hello... hello... hello... hello...
There's a big empty echo in here : (

you are the man bubba KEEP IT UP


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