Next Big Altcoin! - Walton Improving Supply Chain! - Altcoin CryptoCurrency Review

Is Walton the next big altcoin? Walton improves the supply chain management system. Altcoin Cryptocurrency Review!

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@cryptocoinnewz im pretty interested in #walton. This crypto looks to have huge potential! Thinking about acquiring a position pretty soon here depending on how low i can get it lol

I love the idea of being able to test an app before buying... I delete so much crap.

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Yes, Walton looks like it could be promising. I may add it to my portfolio. Really waiting for TRX to moon though! Thanks for another video!

What trading websites do you recommend? I mostly use cryptopia.

🤐 cryptopia has been real shady lately.Binance is good and Kucoin has been doing good.

Are you currently able to sign up for kicking? I have a binance account already I haven’t done much trading on it. It seems more advanced and i am not really sure how to use it yet. Don’t wanna make a major mistake you know lol.

Binance is the same as any other really. I dont think its advanced at all thats where I learned and I picked it up the first day.pretty easy. Not sure if kucoin has blocked registrations for now.

Love your vidoes 17vcF3S9zG4JcSWd7QsPodCMvKv3n6aoE6

I like the ICO videos the channel has been doing lately. Its nice to get insight on projects from a trusted youtube channel.

Great video as usual. Are you guys doing give a ways on this platform as well. I also noticed you guys don't use this platform as much as YouTube or Twitter. I do understand this is very new compared to them so no hate just an observation....

Looks like an awesome project. This looks like it could also work with the stores they are testing where to just grab what you need. Walk out the door without going to a cashier and your items are automatically charged to your card.

Great video! I hope to be close to that list soon. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Very cool video! Seems like a decent crypto. Haven't heard about it before.

Hey thanks for yet another good video.

Walton sounds like a great idea but who will really use rfid readers on products? If a bunch of companies get behind it than it may go somewhere but I don't see this being big in 2 years if it ever gets working (but thats my thoughts I could be wrong) Just think of how many companies have qr codes on them but no one bothers with them now.

I think Walton will be huge. Bought some before the dip and watching for a good time to buy more.

Have heard about this one off and on but this full review was very interesting. I'm going to do some more research and may invest into this. Thanks a lot!

Good info thanks