WorxS Lite Membership, Try It

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First, if you haven't been briefed about WorxS yet and want to know what it is, I started to give an overview in the previous post Introducing WorxS -- S is for Sharing. Check it out and continue reading this one.

So you have heard about WorxS and it tickled your fancy.. How do you go about participating in it? You have come to the right place. This link serves as your invitation and consider yourself invited to WorxS.

To become a WorxS lite member, head over to the #bot-commands channel. Key in !acc and the WorxS bot will DM you with the link to your account. Follow the link.

Next, you need to select any of the WorxS partner coins. The "Show coin info" on the coin tile will lead you to the coin website where the Wallet can be downloaded. Since the WorxS website already has a tutorial for the Qt wallet (a wallet with a graphical user interface), let me discuss participation with a command line wallet.

For all intents and purposes let's assume that you have selected Worx. Download the Worx wallet for either Ubuntu16 or Ubuntu18 to your VPS, as applicable. Unpack the zip file, and place the binaries in /usr/local/bin. (At the time of this writing, the Worx wallet version is, with protocol 70719. Make sure you get the correct wallet!)

Generate a wallet address (worx-cli getaccountaddress "WORXS"). Then, use this generated wallet address in a signed message containing the wallet address as the message content (see the terminal screen capture below).


Back in the WorxS website, click on "Add new Address" on the Worx coin tile. This should be just below "Show coin info" clicked earlier. You will see something similar to below.


Input the generated Worx address in the text field below "Address". Do the same for the text field "Signed message containing address", with the signed message.


Within the next 15mins or less, refresh the page and you will be prompted of a successful "Light account" registration. All that is left is to wait for the next wave of rewards and get your fair share.


(screencaps are mine)


If you happen to find this post helpful, send me an upvote, or resteem this post, or buy me beer by these wallets. Thanks in advance.

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@dillagr, Crypto Space is providing with the opportunities to Participate and the change is shining ahead and forward.

Okay... I'm too new to cryptocurrency to completely understand what you have written here, but I do understand the passive income concepts "set it and forget" you highlight in the previous article. I'm going to give myself the weekend to digest this -- thank you!

By the way -- Is Steem a partner coin for WorxS?

no, Steem is not a partner. only coins with PoS/MN capabilities (not 100% sure) are possible.

let me know if you need help in setting up your WorxS.

I have been able to read through the links and I must confess that WorxS proves to be a profitable and handy tool.

I am not yet looking at using this tool because I only have steem and SBD and I am not really deep into Cryptocurrency anymore but I would recommend to all those who are holding other cryptos.

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thanks @akomoakong.

your feedback is important and should you decide to be a lite member or a full member in the future, that would be awesome.

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