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RE: Why LYKKE will be a successful crypto! Founder talks #1

Good post. I was about to start a similair discussion. I strongly advice people to only buy in to cryptos that have a solid background: A solid team, product, advisors, preferably VC investors, etc. Sell all cryptos that don't have this solid background. It's a waiste of money. I was wondering if anyone of you uses: Supposingly they researched every crypto coin in the scene based on: the team, the product, advisors, community, the business and the business model. They even score the coins stengths. For example: For a complete Lykke Research report.


This is right @ebonicraft05! Those factor as you are stating are very important: A solid team, product, advisors, preferably VC investors!

Here in Switzerland the community is very vibrant so is great to meet also these talented people sometimes.