How To Live Stream To Using Xsplit or OBS

This is a tutorial we made to help any streamers interested in streaming to the platform on the Lino blockchain. The process is very similar to streaming on and Ongame for those familiar with Live streaming on the Steem blockchain. In both cases you'll use a custom rtmp url and stream key to connect to the platform and stream on the blockchain.

Reasons to Stream to

This portion is primarily for the crypto-community.

If you're reading this, there's a chance you're a member of the Steemit community, you're probably in it for the community, the content(yours), and let's be real -- the crypto. For normies(those that stream on platforms like the concept of creating content in getting cryptocurrency for it is still unknown or taboo, but for you folk, well, congrats on being an early-adopter.

In my personal experience, streaming for tokens/cryptocurrency has yield more than 10x the gains in a single year than that of normie platforms. Our channels have a decent following over 1000 in most places, but rarely see more than $5 USD a month. However, with crypto streaming we can typically expect anywhere from 10 cents to $3 USD a day on average, without an audience. Days that have an audience are days that it's breaking $3 USD.

Without getting into the nitty-gritty of the platform and it's benefits, I'll conclude by saying this. Why not double dip? It's common practice for streamers to stream to more than one platform, however, in the past there have only been options to stream to multiple normie platforms. EMBRACE that we can now stream to multiple platforms. Facebook isn't king of social media just for it's live streaming capabilities, but you can live stream there

Reasons MMG Streams To has enabled MMG to use a token in a competitive online esports gamification ecosystem. I know, that's a mouthful, but it's truly that beautiful.

The real beauty is that the platform, the learning of blockchain technology, ledgers, transfers, staking, pow, pos, it's all being taught to our community of hundreds-soon-thousands of gamers that range from those in their teens to those with families and a mortgage. Before finding MMG and our newly implemented ecosystem of LP (lino points), these players all had at least one of 2 things in common: they played Smash Bros. or they watched live streams. For those interested in esports live streaming is as normal as putting on pants before you leave the house. Leave the house, pants. Esports, live stream. It's that simple, so when a platform came along that made the onboarding process of creating a wallet, generating keys, and posting/consuming content second nature for a gamer -- you bet your red joycon we leaped at the opportunity.

Our community has been quoted saying "we love the LP system" and "we love Dlive" all before truly understanding what they've learned, but those that play in our events for a week or 2 start to see the bigger picture. The liquidity, the investment opportunities...being taught to all ages through competitive gaming. Git Gud.

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Good luck and Have fun Everyone. Thank you for your support!


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