Exchange of Norwegian air buildings, taking into account purchases of cryptographic tickets

Norwegian air


Low-cost airline Norwegian Air is working to establish its own cryptocurrency exchange later this year.

The new company Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) will be in charge of building and operating the exchange, as well as managing other blockchain initiatives for the airline, which is expected to buy a stake in the company in the near future. At the moment, the founder and CEO of Norwegian Air, Bjørn Kjos, remains the sole shareholder of the new company.

NBX is run by Stig Aleksander Kjos-Mathisen, Kjos's son-in-law and former Chief of Human Resources Planning at Norwegian Air.

Although Kjos-Mathisen did not want to go into details about the planned exchange of cryptocurrencies, he did indicate that at least the best-known cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum, would be available on the new platform.

Kjos-Mathisen explained that he now believes that the world is about to reach a turning point in which more and more companies will start accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

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