Siacoin and the Koreans: they will eat us all!

In today's top gains we have Siacoin, the most serious decentralized cloud storage project.

While trading a little above 200sat yesterday, it skyrocketed to 425sat  before correcting to 300sat, and still showing signs of strength.

This crazy rise is due to the listing of two new pairs on the biggest Korean exchange: SC/BTC and SC/KRW

The most notable thing is how big the part of the total volume percentage UpBit now represent for Sia: 75.85%! Poloniex looks like YoBit with only a 2.77% share of the volume.

This is a great reminder that there is still a lot of available money to come in many coins, and in the cryptosphere in general: There is virtually no limit!

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I have noticed that some cryptocurrency was up today, but I had not noticed this cryptocurrency.
if the bitcoin keeps going up as it goes little by little we will see big changes in our pockets .. lol ..

If you sort the coins by % of change in, it is the #1 ! How did you missed it 😜 ?!
+63% right now

I am currently far from investments since I lost part of my capital in the stock market a few months ago, and I'm in steemit to see if I get a second boost.
My little money capital that owned I invested in Steemit.
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Definitely I can wait to see the upcoming crypto money. Thanks for following @toucancrypto and I followed back

crazy pump :)

And the upBit dominance keeps growing, it now represents 85% of all the siacoin trading!

When any asset skyrockets like that you have to wonder about manipulation

If this is manipulation, I like it!
But I don't think it is.

LoL. I like the way you think.

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Very good post @toucancrypto, sometimes I am confused with the crypto market, what is being done by the people there. Therefore I want to learn a lot about it all. I also see now that Bitcoin prices keep rising, if Bitcoin keeps going up, it's really very happy people who have Bitcoin. But I am glad, because with the price rising, it will be less and less unemployment in this country. thank you.. :)

I love siacoin. Check out my siacoin as a golden opportunity post. The project is solid and offers a secure storage solution computer scientists have been working on for years.

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