Potential easy fix for the DHF problems with funding at a set rate

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I have seen people and witnesses claim the HBD needs to be a stable coin so that payouts can be stable for funding projects(funding of 200HBD per day to X project for example). If it isn't stable then people are getting "more value" than their request, if HBD is 3 USD each a month later and the original request for funding for the project was 100 HBD at 1 USD each, then they are getting 200 USD more of value per day than they wanted.

Instead of spending all this time trying to make the shitcoin that is HBD(previously SBD) into a stable coin, why not use price feeds. The requestor asks for "100 USD per day of compensation" and the price feeds that are run by everyone and their brother have code in place to convert how much HBD that should be at the time. Why doesn't this work? Has anyone thought of this?

Seems like my suggestion solves this problem for having stablized incoming funding. I don't care about the other reasons people give for wanting a stable coin on the chain because it's truly not needed. It's been years and years of not having a true stable coin, time to admit defeat and abolish it. Many other projects exist with decentralized stablecoins that actually work, time to move on.


Actually that sounds like pretty simple and elegant solution thank you very much for having this idea and posting it up here!!!

Just posted another one hehe <3

Bringing simplicity into a system that depends on complexity to look legitimate, will not be tolerated !

Got that!?

I know right.

You see, we need the flux capacitor to interface with this level 4 Widget over yonder, so that when the subspace frequency kicks it we get a harmonized decentralized blockchain that is multidimensional. Existing it only one dimension is bigotry, so we need to acknowledge the oppression of phased life forms that we cannot see or touch, but we know they exist because Science!

That makes much more sense.
You can expect a big whale upvote , for that explanation...