What Does A Trillion Dollar Crypto Market Cap Mean?

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As we approach a market cap milestone for cryptocurrency, and people will celebrate. Why not? For those of us who've been involved in crypto and seen a bull run before, we can't help but be excited. I sat on coins for three years waiting for this moment.

But... as the money flows into the market, everyone's responsibility will go up.

It is the crypto builders and the teams behind the coins to be upfront and transparent about the tech they are building.

Big investors need to be responsible and moderated to make sure they can't rig the system.

Small investors need to help new people coming to the space keep their coins safe and make wise decisions regarding investments and security.

At this point, we're all in this together.

Bitcoin is leading the way, but many of the other projects are going to change the way people use he blockchain. Cryptos like Hive.

Some people may hate Ripple, but if they lose the case that the S.E.C. has filed against XRP, then it will hurt the industry. It could disrupt the bull run. Who knows?

I do know that any win against a government is probably a good one for cryptocurrency.

With the fast approaching benchmark, hitting a trillion is also a sign of where the industry is going. Many of these projects will be able to use the profits from a bull run to fund further expansion and development time for these new technologies.

We're less than $300 billion away from making history, but more importantly, we are establishing the groundwork of the future and we're all a part of it.

What are your thoughts?


I do know that any win against a government is probably a good one for cryptocurrency.

I certainly agree with you on that even though I'm not a fan of XRP, I wish them well against the SEC.

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Ill check that out. LeoFinance looks awesome. Thank you.

You are welcome