HODL TOKEN WALLET - The Revolution Starts NOW!

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HODL Token has developed a wallet that works with the DLT Blockchain and has more than one function.

Anonymity, security and community as well as user friendliness are top priorities. The HODL Token Wallet provides the necessary advantages of decentralisation and provides the user with his private keys when setting up the wallet. These must be kept safe to ensure the security of the wallet.

In addition to a mobile wallet, there will also be a desktop wallet that will allow any user to access his or her wallet from any device. The HODL Token Wallet works with perfect anonymity. No personal information is requested to complete the setup process. Everything can be used 100% anonymously and at the same time safely. Transactions as well as the saving of coins of every kind is transparent and anonymous at the same time.

Transparency HODL Token offers real-time on-chain transparency to crypto holders, and to users of the integrated payments, exchange, and AI trading services. Assets are managed by users, not a centralised organisation. Deployment of the AI trading is optional and at users’ own risk. The wallet is a decentralised storage space and therefore regulated by the users.

Trading Profits

All trading profits are converted into HODL and distributed to the investors. For this reason, a steady growth of HODL is to be expected. Any investors profits can be exchanged into another cryptocurrency and withdrawn. Meanwhile, each participant’s principal investment in whatever cryptocurrency they deposited remains visible on-chain and can be added to or withdrawn at any time.

Future Product Development

The future of HODL is planned very far in the current stage. Some new products are already in development of our community and will be released in the near future to clarify and increase the value and potential.
Company Background
One of the main focus of attention will be the presence of a functioning marketplace. This is established with the commercial basis of HODL. The HODL marketplace will be accessible on the mobile version as well as on the web version of the wallet and will again create a significant positive change in HODL’s infrastructure. The point of the marketplace is that each user can buy and sell products with P as a means of payment. The usage of the token is thus increased and the value is increased.
Another use of HODL via the HODL Token application will be the benefits of distributed credit cards. By connecting to a credit exchange and distribution network, it will be possible to charge the credit card with earned HODL from AI profits and convert them to a use in real life. Not just as a digital connection. The HODL Token credit card takes the crypto usability to a new level. You are free to pay with your HODL at any time. Be independent of location and time zone and take advantage of these benefits from all over the world. You can combine many currencies through your HODL Token App and benefit from a lucrative cash-back system. Exchanging the HODL works within seconds via the wallet. You can recharge your card in real time and benefit from the value of your HODL worldwide.

HODLTokenWallet.Com - A Division Of Infinity Technology Co. Ltd. and WorldTrade Mobi Ex.

My Dashboard/Desk Looks like this:

For more info, such as HODL whitepaper and to surf and explore the platform then go ahead be sure to Sign up!

I Invite you to JOIN MY HODL TEAM via my referral link:


Appreciation to all who sign up with my link! It's important to encourage one and other to make sure we support referral processes to really utilize getting and giving the best chances of success, PLUS its thanks and gratitude to the ones who introduced you! Networking is VITAL!

Once you've joined leave a comment and let me know!

When I signed up I scored some free HODL and already have a balance to start from! I'm keen to see where this project is headed, it seems to have a lot of potential, but is merely one of a few ventures to get my attention recently.

I have yet to share some of my very favourite projects! And so be sure to follow my next post which will include the newest project that I am happily consorting and interluding with - #BTCMYK! My next post will delve into and explain more, so make sure you stay posted!

Let the networking begin!



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