On a personal development journey post 1

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I am on a personal development journey and thought i would share some of what i am doing each day i don't know where this will all lead.

So i got up this morning drunk cbd coffee, ate some fruit then meditated for about 30 minutes.
I then got ready and took my grand daughter to school.
👀Trying new ways to use the power of chakras in my life.😉
There are seven cards for each chakra, each representing a positive quality of that chakra that you can embrace as you grow towards your full potential.👍
Find a quiet place, take a few breaths and relax.😎
👇Ask a question👇
👉I asked, What should i do today?👀
Keeping it simple😂
👉Shuffle the cards well and choose one or two.👇
👉This is what i got chose two cards👇


👀What do you think?😉

It is said that Chakras are the energy centres of the human body and restoring imbalances in the flow of energy can clear emotional disturbances and strengthen your human body, helping you to operate at your optimum level of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

I am absolutely 100% up for some of that so here go just a little something from part of a bigger journey i am taking.

Have a great one.


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