Engagement Can Work Everywhere

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We in the CTP community know to show up here on Hive and in our communities and engage, curate, create. Good things happen when you do good things. How often can we apply this principle outside crypto and blogging? Here are some of my own thoughts.

On fiverr, engagement is actually required to a degree. I am currently a Level 2 Seller working toward meeting the standards for a Top Seller. One of the metrics is my response rate when people message me about my gigs. I answer every inquiry, and probably half those who get a response from me go on to order some of my writing.

Etsy has some social-media-like characteristics. It lets me like and favorite items and shops and has a messaging component. I am starting to engage more, beyond simply reviewing my purchases. Why? I noticed that when I want to buy something, I first look at my favorite shops and that many of my favorite shops I found by looking at the profiles of people who purchased things from me. Remember that "know, like, trust" thing we learned from ClickTrackProfit?

Brick and Mortar Jobs
Almost every job I ever had/have came about because somebody referred me. If somebody on Facebook says they need a gown hemmed or they need a math tutor, one of my friends will message that person my info. Jobs like that seem to come along whenever I need them the most.

Engagement isn't just a word, but a lifestyle. If an introvert who is not neurotypical (me) can engage, so can you!


"Engagement isn't just a word, but a lifestyle" = excellent.

I have made some great friends online by engaging as well. You never know how a kind word or comment you leave can impact someone.

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Agreed. Thanks for engaging! !BBH

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