Haha! like the only way to correct humanity is to wipe us out? That's basically true. We don't hear of much evil and crime in Australia though, not like here. I think we have the market cornered on high violent crime rates.

I see so much good happening in the world but at the same time there is a great deal of bad.

So much bad, yes. I don't know, I feel strongly that humanity's greed is boundless and that greed will eventually end us. In the grand scheme of things we have been around on this planet for such a minuscule amount of time and I think it's foolish and egotistical to think we will have an extended future on the plant, or that the planet will exist forever - There's much evidence in fact to show that it will not, like other planets. Sure, won't happen in our life time maybe, but I believe we'll disappear.

Well, my knee jerk reaction is to say that the end will come generations down the line, and then sometimes I think we won't last long!

I agree with you on that...

I mean look back 1000 years, 2000, 5000...Not a long time in the life-cycle of the planet...we were almost nothing 5,000 years ago. Little more than cavemen. Now look at the last 200 years and what we have achieved, and how we have impacted the planet though industrialism and a burgeoning population...It's untenable and also naive to think it can continue with no ramifications.

Very true and that's not counting the ability we have to wreck the place with nuclear weapons!

Yep, exactly. Just one more way for us to destroy ourselves and the planet.