Curangel curation compilation December 29, 2022

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Welcome to the daily compilation post of the Curangel project

Here we highlight the posts picked by our curators, providing you with a resource to discover content worth your time, and maybe even your vote!

Curator @anggreklestari

Curator @brumest

Curator @crazy-andy

Curator @equipodelta

Curator @ewkaw

Curator @fmbs25

Curator @galenkp

Curator @jotakrevs

Curator @minismallholding

Curator @nikv

Curator @phage93

Curator @riccc96

Curator @romeskie

Curator @the01crow

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@nikv and @curangel Thank you so much for your support!

Thank you so much @riccc96 and curangel ❤️

Gracias por el apoyo. Saludos.

Thanks ❤🤗

Many thanks @curangel Team and @crazy-andy for curating my post and for your support, really much appreciated!

@curangel you're doing a great job! Thanks @ewkaw for highlighting my post!

Gracias por la mención. Gracias a @fmbs25 por la valoración de mi publicación.

Thanks for your support!

Thank you very much for your great support @curangel and @crazy-andy
I'm very happy to be chosen in the list.
And congratulations to all the posts mentioned here.

Thanks @jotakrevs amd all the @curangel angels, much appreciated!

Thank for your support ✨️

Thank you so much @curangel and @romeskie for this curation.
Thank you for appreciating my music.
Happy holidays to all of us.

Mil gracias, lo aprecio mucho 🙏

Thank you to @curangel for leading this initiative and to @galenkp for adding my post to this compilation.

Thanks team!!!

Thanks for curation @nikv and thanks for support @curangel

This is really cool, thanks for the mention and congrats to everyone!

The support is much appreciated @curangel @anggreklestari!

Thank you ~

Thank you so much @ewkaw and @curangel, I'm so grateful.

Thank you @curangel I'm really grateful for acknowledging my effort

Thank you @anggreklestari so much for the curation! I really appreciate the hard and constant work! Blessings and a stunning new year to you and your family!

Thank you @anggreklestari and all @curangel team for your curation and support ❤️!
My best wishes to everybody for the coming New Year 🎄!

Thanks team @curangel and @anggreklestari for the support.

Happy 2023!

Thanks so much, @riccc96 and @curangel. Have happy holidays and a great new year!

Gracias por la mención!! Espero seguir dándoles publicaciones que les gusten 🙏🏽🙌🏽❤️

Thank you very much my dear friends @equipodelta and @curangel 🥰 Thank you for all your support 💟

Thank you very much @brumest 🙏, support is totally appreciated and also to @curangel ; best regards to you😎👋.

Thank you Curangel and @anggreklestari for the continued support 😊.

Happy New Year and to many more valuable content in 2023! 🎆💪

Feliz año, gracias por el apoyo, un fuerte abrazo repleto de bendiciones.