Curangel curation compilation May 24, 2021

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Welcome to the daily compilation post of the Curangel project

Here we highlight the posts picked by our curators, providing you with a resource to discover content worth your time, and maybe even your vote!

Curator @anggreklestari

Homemade Banana Bread Doughnuts
Asian mandu dumplings from Korean Onggi Restaurant / Azjatyckie pierożki mandu z restauracji koreańskiej Onggi
Вареники з квашеною капустою і картоплею / Dumplings with sauerkraut and potatoes (Ua/En)
Beer Saturday : Toppling Goliath's Scorpius Morchella
My first year in HIVE || Mi primer año en HIVE
Pain and tears at night (ESP/ENG)
Whole wheat flour chocolate walnut cake
The Benefits of Random Cooking Skills during Lockdown || Cassava and Chicken Fried All Over || # DashOutSunday
Enjoy the Delicious Lengko Rice, Typical Food from Cirebon, Wes Jawa in Taiwan
Yuk! Makan Pegagan si Nutrisi Otak
Summer Dance with Virgin Mojito💃
The Nightswimmer Stout

Curator @brumest

Keep Hanging There
Train Kept A Rollin - Monomad Challenge
This is my entry for the #monomad challenge
[ENG|ESP] Drawing Myself | Dibujándome a Mí Mismo.
Monomad Photography Challenge: Quemchi Cemetery / Desafío de Fotografía Monomad: Cementerio en Quemchi
[ESP-ENG] 🍴🍛 ¡Risotto de Pollo! / Chicken Risotto! 🍛🍴
Drawing realistic art with black pen
Badami Jain Temple Part 3\Badami Jain Tempel Teil 3
painting art With classic coffee portrait boy
Kolejny poziom w kuchni. Burbon i whisky domowym sposobem.
Doves flirting in front of Hagia Sophia
Parallel Lines

Curator @crazy-andy

🐾Skye: Mi pequeña consentida | 🐾Skye: my beloved pet [ESP~ENG]
My trip to the paradisiacal Coche island - Venezuela / Mi viaje a la paradisíaca Isla de Coche – Venezuela
Ramón and me: Our history.
Pond Birds (with my new Sigma 100-400mm lens)
[ESP-ENG] Meet the two queens of the house: Eris and Chiqui // Conoce a las dos reinas de la casa: Eris y Chiqui. 💞🐾
Ancient Aboriginal rock paintings - Kakadu Australia 🇦🇺
Hive Stock Images: Spiral Vines
Sunday hike / Nedělní procházka

Curator @equipodelta

(ESP-ENG) Elaboración de un llavero de oso 🐻 // Making a bear keychain 🐻
[Esp- Eng] Rosendo, me salvaste y sin saberlo. Eres mi pequeño hijo y mi compañero. | Rosendo, you saved me and without knowing it. You are my little son and my companion.
[ENG/ESP] DIY Beautiful gift box made from plastic bottle 💚- DIY Hermosa caja para regalar hecha con botella de plástico💚
Hermosa flor con hojas de maiz.. Beautiful flower with corn leaves...
[ESP/ENG]🎆🚚🚚Camionetica hecha con madera. Variación de modelos.//🎆🚚🚚Truck made with wood. Varying models
Como hacer un porta anti bacterial||How to make an anti bacterial holder
[Esp/Eng] 💥ARTE TOKENIZADO EN NFTSHOWROOM💥 Catrina Sub / TOKENIZED ART on NFTShowroom - Catrina Sub
Zodiac inspired makeup - Cancer
A good luck visit for me

Curator @ewkaw

Its feeding time.. Show Me A Photo Contest Round 21
A Walk in Search of Lotuses
Statues - Amy MacDonald Cover - HIVE Open Mic 59 -Good Vibes
Monomad challenge - birds and wire
Meatless monday - Switching out meat and a falafel wrap
Travel Blog Ideas : For the Fellow Blogger who Might Need Inspiration!
Soller | A mountain gem
"Grapefruit Modern Still Life" - my Original Oil Painting 12x16''
Gardening Season 2021 - Sunny Sunday Garden Update ( May 23)

Curator @galenkp

Saturday night is date night
A long weekend at the beach with my family
no preview
Chocolate Almond Cake

Curator @jotakrevs

Differing Opinions and the Eternal Search for Purpose and Meaning
Joyas invernales.
Atención al detalle, un breve encuentro con una naturaleza asombrosa.
Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop: The Prettiest Cake that I Encountered
Tres poemas sobre ardiente pasión y arrepentimiento | Three poems about burning passion and remorse [ESP-ENG]
Shelf Fungi or Polyporaceae and something more || Hongos repisas o Polyporaceae y algo más
Tales from the Pandemic - UK
[SPN-ENG] Otro mundo llamado Plaza Mayor / Another world called Plaza Mayor
Monomad Photography Challenge - Where the wild roses grow.
A visit to Coro and the Medanos in Venezuela |Una visita a Coro y los Médanos en Venezuela
The Blue Grey Tanager
A natural effect / Un efecto Natural

Curator @lourdeshd6

An unusual use and the tradition of brick building

Curator @minismallholding

How To Be Smarter (George's Guide) Pt. 2
A Spider Series / Una serie de arañas

Curator @nikv

Dibujo de Bebe de Tortuga Marina
[ENG-ESP] Real, in an unreal world | NFT Art Work Available | @oscurocactus
Greenhouse , Fóliovník
White crows
Tribute to Kentaro Miura - Author of the Dark Fantasy manga Berserk.
Onion hairstyle / El peinado de la cebolla
Dread of Post Modern 1, my original digital painting
Mexican Murals - Fantabulous Emancipation
Blonde peacock
Learning tutorial of a traditional native cap.
#NeedleWorkMonday - Sewing a black and white panty. / Cosiendo una panty blanca y negra. 😀❤️
Building With Cob Is Good For The Environment & The Soul
Cherry Picking ! 🍒

Curator @phage93

La piccola dea dei dragoni
Arsenic Lullaby NFTart for Consensus progress pics/commentary
A few Sketches

Curator @riccc96

Hazlo tú (ENG-ESP)
Heart Maintenance - Watercolor Drawing
Pirate girl dtiys
Digital Art: Looking for calm | Buscando calma
Blame Conrad
Painting for Corona
Tracker, QuickPaint
(Hive's Faces) Van Gif-A gift for (@crosheille) (ORIGINAL STEP BY STEP + GIF ANIMATION)

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Wow, this is so cool! I've been on Hive a little over a month, and I didn't know anything about Curangel before this, but I love it.

I voted on some cool art-curations from @brumest and one from @phage93 ... thanks so much for helping me find these pieces.

Also, I'm extremely grateful that my post on How To Be Smarter was selected for curation by @minismallholding , I poured a lot of love into it and I deeply appreciate it being shared here.

Thanks to everyone involved in this cool project! 🙏

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Muchas gracias @riccc96 & curangel por su apoyo y curación.😘

Thank you @curangel and @minismallholding for sharing @ryzeonline's post! I genuinely appreciate it!!! ❤️🙏

High appreciations to @anggreklestari and @curangel for your work 💚
Congratulations to all winners 🎉🙌

Thank you very much friends of @curangel and @brumest

Thank you very much for the curation @crazy-andy @curangel much appreciated 🙏

Gracias amigo @jotakrevs por el apoyo, bendiciones para ti y todo el equipo de @curangel. Feliz inicio de semana.

Encantado de apoyar, espero que todo esté mejor (:

Thank you very much @curangel and @brumest for the support given

Thank you for the support ❤️

Many thanks @brumest and all at thr @curangel team.

Thank you so much @galenkp 🥰

You're welcome. :)

Many thanks to @galenkp for his support and also @curangel.

Thank you so much.

I would like to insist on how much work is being put by the curators on HIVE, by @curangel, and how dead this place would become without them. Big shout out!

Big up to @nikv of course 😁

Thanks and yes: @pharesim's Curangel project keeps the wheels turning for many people here

As much as I like that curangel keeps the wheels turning, I find it weird that curangel and its curation trail also acts as a censor with -57$ downvotes, most likely only because of disagreement of content (
So those wheels are not allowed to turn?

I remember downvotes were there for other (important) reasons, and I think this is bad Zuckerberg style.

Pls. correct me if I am wrong.

Didn't call in the DV on that one but my personal opinion is that DV is also about "disagreement over rewards" and there, I'd have to disagree that that particular opinion piece is worth much.

Thanks fo clarifying. I get the impression that people following the curation trail are negatively surprised and see a bias about certain content.
I'm not involved, just looking at censorship.

Nothing is censored, the rewards have not been zeroed. Covid and the response to it certainly is a divisive subject

Let's just stay open minded and free speech...

Thank you @ewkaw and @curangel team.

Congratulations to all who are mentioned...

Thank you again.

thanks @curangel and @equipodelta by the support 💗

gracias chicos.

Friends, thank you very much for the support, very happy and grateful to @curangel and @brumest

I really love this, thanks so much.

Thank you very much friends of @curangel and @brumest😊

Thank you so much @jotakrevs and @curangel

A pleasure!

Thank you so much @curangel and @ewkaw! I truly appreciate it 💖🙏💖

Thank you sooo much! 😃