How to save a life in case of fire

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Sometime people ask themselves how to take care of people when they are in danger, but in most cases people are not prepared for danger, and therefore in case of certain accidents we don't know how to react.

This week, the firemen prepared exercises for us on how to react if the house catches on fire.

First thing first.
If you hear the alarm sounding, immediately go to the cabinet where you can see in which part of the house the smoke sensor has been activated. Firefighters are automatically notified of a fire. In any case, you need to call the fire brigade and inform them in which part of the house the sensor has been activated, so that they are ready in advance.
The workers must immediately gather at the assembly point, and determine how many people are in the area where the fire is supposed to occur.
Because in the event of a fire, the elevators stop, the only way is by stairs. However, since most of our residents are not mobile, we cannot bring them all to the front of the house. The firemen's response time is about 5 minutes, and during this time, the workers are responsible for bringing residents who are near the fire to the fire escape.
At this time, the firemen are already in the house and start putting out the fire, while the rest of the firemen are in charge of bringing people whose lives are in danger to safety.

They showed us how the entire rescue process takes place.

More in pictures.














I learned a few things and I'm really grateful that we were given such exercises, because in most cases, people really don't know how to react.
I hope that there will never be a fire, but now we are at least a little prepared if something happens.
Thank you to the firefighters for saving lives and risking their own, voluntarily.

“We shouldn't any of us be afraid of teaching protective measures to save lives.”- Kyan Douglas

With love, @tinabrezpike ❤️


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