Curating New Steemian Introductions for MSP / PAL - Issue #77

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Join me in welcoming
some new folks to
the Steem Blockchain

Welcome to issue # 77
of my weekly curation blog
for the @MinnowSupport Project / PAL!

Let's see who has been posting in the
Introduce Yourself Tag on Steem...

Original Photo by @Ma1neEvent

ISSUE # 77

Welcome to my Curation blog. Each week I try take a look in the # introduce yourself tag to find five new Steemians to share with you in a curation post. These new users have authored Introduce Yourself posts, which tell us a bit more about themselves. Join me in welcoming them to the Steem Community!

Are you looking
for a way to connect
with other Steemians?

Maybe you are new to the Community
and want to ask some questions?

You can chat with other Steemians and
get to know new people
in the @MinnowSupport Project / PAL
Discord Community!

If you are looking for a community of Steemians to interact with, Be sure to check out the @MinnowSupport Project (MSP) by visiting their profile on Steem. There will be a link that will send you to the online chat community on Discord, in the Peace, Abundance, Liberty Server / PAL.
You can also visit to find the MSP / PAL Discord.

MSP / PAL is also the home of a great Steem Based podcasting stream called @MSP-Waves, which features live talk shows, interviews, and music from your fellow Steemians!

Feel free to join us and say hello anytime in the MSP / PAL Community. Stop by and say hello!

You can also read more about the all new PALNET
Steem Interface
in the links below:



Let's say hello to
some new Steemians!


Our first new member to share with you is @rachaeldwatsonl! She shares with us that she is joining her Husband here on Steem, and is finally ready to start posting some content of her own! She says she enjoys spending time with family, playing games, photography, and much more. Check out her new introduce yourself post and say hello by visiting the link below. Welcome to the Steem Community @rachaeldwatson!

"Hey steem I'm finally here lol"


Our next new Steemian to share with you is @kaitlin! She shares with us that she is joining Steem from Norway, and she loves to spend time with her kids, travel, and much more. Say hello to this new Steemian by visiting her new intro post linked below. Welcome @kaitlin!

"Heey! Im Kait. I'm 28 and currently living in Norway. Thought I'd post a photo of ..."


Up next we would like to say hello and welcome to @asmr.tist! She shares with us a unique technique called "ASMR", which is an auditory sensory technique which she says can help reduce stress and help increase relaxation. She shares a new Dtube video in this post using the technique. Check it out for yourself, and say hello to this new user by visiting the blog linked below. Welcome to the Steem Community @asmr.tist!

"ASMR Tapping On Boxes [Whispering]"


Our next new member to share with you is @somariel! Joining us in Nigeria, She shares with us that she enjoys designing and creating clothes, researching health benefits, learning about healthy hair treatments, and much more. Say hello to this new Steemian by visiting her new introduce yourself post linked below. Welcome @somariel!

"Self introduction"


Our fifth Steemian to share with you this time around is @comparestore! Joining us from the UK, they share with us that they enjoy things like talking about comic books, video games, music, TV shows, and much more. Check out thier new introduction post and say hello by visiting the link below. Welcome to Steem @comparestore!

"My Steemit Introduction"

to everyone who may be
new to Steem!

Do you have a new introduction post to share?
Share the link in the replies below!

Have you written one yet? Maybe you should!
Just write a bit about yourself, your hobbies, your blog ideas, &
share a selfie (holding something with the date you post it is even better),
and tag it with # Introduce Yourself.

Check back again for issue 78, and five new Steemian Introductions!

I also share other original content on my @Ma1neEvent blog, so check it out if you'd like!

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Thanks to @Zaxan for designing this image for the curation blog!





Great finds! Stoked to discover another account putting -work- in finding and publicizing valuable new Steemies.

Yes! I have been trying to welcome new Steemians now for about two years. Great to meet ya!

Thanks for putting this together i will try and swing by and welcome them this evening

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