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RE: Curation from this account.

in #curation7 months ago

Why you downvote me? Two time you done that. I really do a good job. Yo have to REED the post. What you do is so sad. You have to stop please. I do this as a job and you are taking my money. It isn't good


Just done it to me also. I'm relying on this to supplement income, as i don't take a salary from anyone for a longggg time. I get some upvotes from whales because i've committed 5-6 years to this and BitShares. Yet I seethis idiot come along stealing food from my table and my kittens food bowl (see my recent posts). Hope he gets what he deserves, karma always wins in the end!!!

The truth is something I don't understand. All of us who write here is because we need the income but apparently that does not take it into account. Let's hope it stops.

But those down votes don't take your money..

Yes they did ☹