Do you monitor each link submitted or posts just automatically get voted on? It could be abused by someone making multiple accounts. Subscribing to a voting trail led by a curator may save you time if you're looking for something to vote on.

thank you for your comment 😊
Currently, I am voting manually. I plan to apply the improved algorithm for automatic later

I see, this may be tedious work but there are community compilation posts that feature authors with their respective posts mentioned.
Small communities have those and sometimes the posts featured have low rewards and are still within 24 hours post age. You'll be able to build a list of authors from the compilation posts.

It's probably a good time saver to start screening small communities that feature those underrewarded posts as these are already peer reviewed if you trust the community.

If the objective was to reward underrewarded authors doing good content, that's great to hear. But i'm concerned about the generosity being abused like most of the free stuff taken for granted here. Thank you for the response.

Thanks for your comments,☺️
I'll try to be in the right direction.

Keep doing the good work.

good 😊

That is the representation of a job well done.


You are doing great job. Submitted my post url 😊

good 👍

Thanks for your support.

It would be clever to post the link under every post you do ;-)
I will make a support for
and go now back to your old post again.
Thank you very much.
Edit: Really cool especially if you do hand votes when I got that right.

How does the service work? I have an average of 2-3 posts a day, so just 1 a day or could I put them all?

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Can you post any link? even your own's?
Thank you for the curation work!