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Vera and I took Ninnu to a dog show today.

Due to almost constant rain I had to keep my camera bagged most of the time.
Whenever I took my gear out, it soon started to rain again.

I couldn't get too many photos of other dogs sadly. When the rain ended, it was Ninnu's turn in the ring, and after she had competed, almost everyone left simultaneously.

It was damn weird.

So here are the photos of (mainly) Ninnu, and her competitor in the Open class for bitches.

Ninnu was judged Excellent and won the bitches' Open class.

She wasn't awarded with any prizes though.

Gotta go, never can know when my computer crashes again.

See ya!

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Its a beautiful day for ninnu, lots of her mate presents and a all day fun, less photo but ninnu looking cute.

Congratulations on winning!

Did Ninnu enjoy the competition?

Did Ninnu enjoy the competition?

We guess she likes the open air competitions more than the indoor ones.

Que maravilla y compitio de lo mΓ‘s linda. Es adorable, Ninnu, camino derechita, lastima que no recibio premio @gamer00

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

Good work