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I photographed some chewing gum again. It's starting to become a habit. A cool habit! 😎

Although, I really need to do the one I planned ahead of time. I've been using the balcony as a studio lately, but I'm actually thinking of getting the tripod from the car and using the natural light through the window for the next one.

Maybe in the kitchen, or in our boys' room when they are at school.

Anyway, here's today's photo.

I think it's a lot better than the one I took Yesterday.

I'm going to make this a running series for now. And I am definitely going to publish the full resolution copies of them all on

I believe it's going to be cool.

Wait for it...

See ya again Tomorrow!

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This time we can see the colour chewing gum along with mango, naturally set the very good quality light and shadow.

That gum reminds me of gum from my youth called Chiclets. They were shaped similar to those in your photo and came in a pack with two each of several very bright and vibrant colors.

My Mom and Dad use to sing in the choir at church when I was growing up. He had a nice bass voice and she a sweet soprano. My Grandmother played the organ, so my Grandfather would sit in the pew with use children and he always brought gum. Sometimes it was sticks of Juicy fruit and other times Chiclets. Those were the days !

Oh! I only want the mango!! Yummy!

Nice pic with very clear lighting!

Keep going!

Have a nice day.

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Que rico mango, un ejercicio fotográfico estupendo @gamer00