The Pusas: Porky Sausages & Salami Platter

Hello Steemians!

If you happen to be in Kota Kinabalu, looking for a place to chill out, after whole day shopping in Imago.. head down to the lower ground floor and inside the Everrise Supermarket, you'll find WINE & DELI at one corner..

You can find not only great imported beers and wines but you can also find great variety of imported sausages and salamis.

You can either buy the frozen ones or you can even dine in.. I decided to dine in and here's what I've ordered to accompany my blanc 1664!

Porky Sausage

Oh by the way, in Sabah, we call drinking snacks as PUSAS (Kadazan - Sabah Native Language). Pusas is usually consumed during drinking session with your friends or family..

Salami Platter

Location: Lower Ground Floor, Imago Shopping Mall, KK Times Square Phase 2, Jalan Coastal, Kota Kinabalu, 88000



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I second that..


Got hungry js by looking at it..

Hahahaha.. the Salami reminds me of the Salami we had in your house @wilsonkoh!

Odoi dogo...itu pusas bikin bihis owh...
I know the supermarket but didnt know that you can actually dine there.

Thanks for sharing.

hahaha...ya, you can actually dine there.. sadap oh the pusas!

They got everything...alcohol and pusas. Wow. Will dine there some day.

My x-colleague’s is the owner. The food mmg sedap!

Ooo ok.... ya mmg sedap lah the food..