Cat's Shelter. Ory, Chantilly, Fondue & Lucky. Diary 31/05/20

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Ahh finally I am carving off some seconds from my 5k time. I got to 21 minutes. Hopefully by the end of June I will manage to get to 20m/5k. Then it is going to be tough after that. I will have to do intense interval runs to improve cardio. I would love to get to 19 minutes time. It's my dream target. I have never gone under 19 mins 30 secs.

Queen of the castle :-) Always on the high ground overlooking the kingdom.

Fluff ball.

Ory in the back is the funniest one (sleeping on the box).

I keep re-arranging their sleeping places every time so they don't get bored of the same landscape. Cats like to explore and use new sleeping locations. They often change their places of rest.

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