Watching Movies with the Hams

Here is Watson and Higgs in their hamster huts. I recently got another little hut so both could be out at the same time.
Higgs tried out the new hut first.
But he didn't like it as much as the old one and ran out of it within a few seconds.
Meanwhile Watson was busy trying to destroy the old hut.
Higgs eventually chased him out of there and claimed the old hut for himself.
Now Watson has to try and fit into the smaller hut. Not his most flattering angle here lol.
He's a bit unsure about the new hut.
Now he's finally settled down to fall asleep while I watch scifi with my fiance. The poor hamsters are dreaming about huge space battles in their cozy little huts.


These are so cute! I had hamsters for a while there, and I became obsessed with their habitat. I purchased tons of tunnels and platforms and wheels and toys for them. No little huts though.

Yeah I got these guys little houses and tunnels then they just ended up chewing them to bits. All they get now are silent wheels and some chew sticks.

Too cute! 😊

They are hilarious little critters.

Extreme cuteness !! :D

Your cats would really love them lol.