Rafting in Kanchanaburi Province

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This trip, I wasn't looking forward to the opportunity to take pictures myself. The picture is therefore very small. (When the boat runs, you can see the view of other boats in a video.) Tell me about your imagination. We chose a raft that didn't play music and dance. We wanted to see a beautiful view that was pleasing to the eyes. During the day, we played in the water, using the waterproof raft and it was very cool. The mountain trees are very cool to the eyes. Boats selling merchandise come and go at regular intervals, starting at 6:00 a.m. There are many things to eat. The price is not very high. But I didn't buy much. Because I bought it from land.

Secretly make peace with brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

At night it is very quiet. But if there is a neighbor's raft and he chooses a tech raft and has girls, it will be a bit lively. They were some distance away enough to hear the music. Let's move along. When the time comes, it's quiet and the weather is nice and cool. Staying for 1 night, personally, I think it's ok. Coming with friends will be fun. It is not recommended to be a private family for parents, rafting like this is not suitable for them.