Alternative Synergy - Identity

in #dance2 months ago

Hi everyone, we did say we were ready to show you our work so here you have it!

We are starting with a recent visual we created in less than a hour.
Our videographer, @jalentakesphotos, was quick in understanding our vision. We were inspired by New York City and its majestic setting, full of lights and super tall buildings that remind us of comics. At the same time, the city where "if you can make it here you can make it everywhere". That means we are all superheroes.
In this video our performer dances his unique style of "gliding" originated by Brooklyn dance culture called FLEXN.
The songs calls NYC the "city of broken dreams". Our performer expresses his intention not to give up his dreams regardless the adversities of life. We found it very symbolic to have him dance in a location such as Wall Street. He is not asking for unrealistic wealth, instead he is expressing our rights to be wanting a better life and more for ourselves.

We hope this video will inspire you to get what you want in life, because you deserve it!