Monday: Hopefully not manic

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I ended last week very grumpy. I am determined to be less so, this week.

The weekend, well, let's just say, we had all four seasons in 48 hours. Saturday began at 10°C and reached a glorious 30°C. The market garb was interesting and incognito.

The evening was balmy but a storm came in over night and a curry was just what the doctor ordered.

The recipe's been on my to do list for nearly 20 years. Lots of coconut. It'll happen again: simple, and best of all, cooked itself while I worked in advance of yet another scheduled power outage tomorrow.

I have planned a day in the kitchen. I already have FOMO because I must miss #hivechat. This week, it's @hiro-hive's turn to host and I will miss the banter between the regulars like @traciyork, @plantstoplanks, @jeanlucsr and @pixiepost...

Have fun!

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma


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Aww thanks for the mention! You are missed as well :) I hope things settle down for you. Life is a journey, that's for sure lol.

That curry chicken looks amazing. I need to try that! I also appreciate food that cooks itself ;)

Looking forward to chatting again soon! 💚

Thankfully there's no Monday too grim that a delicious dish can't fix.

What part of the world has such fluctuating temperatures?

Haha! There's not a lot comfort food won't fix, is there?

We live in South Africa - in the Western Cape and not far from Cape Town which was originally called The Cape of Storms. As winter storms approach, the wind blows off the mountains and heats up. That's what happened on Saturday and then on Sunday, the storm hit, bringing the cold, arctic wind and a bit of rain with it. 😀

Ah, I see. Rain and ice cold wind are an unpleasant combinations for those who like warmth, especially how they power each other up.

Cape of Storms was a more fitting name in this case then, not to mention bad-ass. :)

not to mention bad-ass. :)

In a good way! Yes. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world... ;)

South-Africa is on of the countries I want to visit (if travel is ever possible again). Still have the figure out what sights to see, but if the google images do it any justice, the Western Cape has made the list of possibilities.

Have a great week!. :)

I live in a big, diverse and beautiful country. When you visit, let me know?

I will surely let you know. Diverse and friendly. I met a very diverse group of South-African University students during an International Chess Tournament in Poland. It was there that I learned about the similarity between Dutch (which I speak) and Afrikaans.

grumpy is going around. Trust me.
I have never had curry but what you made makes me hungry!!

sending lots of love and good happy thoughts your way!!

It would seem that grumpy is the new black!

A curry is really just another for spicy food - typically from India and south east asia. This one was more fragrant and mild than some which are so full of chillie that one needs to shower upside down for a week! LOL. Not my preferred "temparature" - more to The Husband's taste. I'll do one for you if you visit - there's always a first time... 😀

sending lots of love and good happy thoughts your way!!

Back at ya!! xx

I'll make sure to get some tweets in for you!

20 degrees difference between High and Low... I really don't deal well with those kinda temperature swings. I'd get a cold in 2 or 3 days.

That's very kind of you.

On that temperature range and getting sick: I was thinking about that the other day and that that's exactly what used to happen. Well, I speak for myself: since I no longer travel on planes (on business and period), I have not had a cold. No offices and very little exposure to sick people. Also, the lockdown and social distancing has meant no flu season in South Africa this winter..

So basically, all those flu's are created by us. That's very confronting 😅

No, they are spread by us. When people are crushed in planes, cough, don't wash hands... Non pharmaceutical interventions work.

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Sorry, you are correct. Spread is the appropriate word indeed.

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