HIVE is now LIVE on Dapp Review!

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Another important dapp-centric website, Dapp Review has just started supporting dapp-tracking for #Hive.

If you've not been using Dapp Review before, you might have heard of them due to their recent acquisition by Binance last year.

Great thing is that Dapp Review has been supporting "Hive/Steem" pre-fork for quite a while and it's really good to see that they've now also added Hive to their platform.

Last but not least, there is a contest on Twitter happening, where 5x people will win 50 HIVE each.

Check it out:


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haven't been on twitter but will check about the contest.

Thanks for the update! These tracking sites are going to be huge for the up-rise of not just Hive, but my beloved Splinterlands as well!

I already joined the contest. But this is so remarkable.. the lines are falling in pleasant places for hive.. Hive all the way

Hive to the world

This is very cool, hive to the moon.

Woop Woop ! 😍

Invited three friends there in Twitter.

Good news.

Also, the contest might be good for onboarding some new users. So that's good too.

Hive on!