Dealing With Gold Diggers And Delusion

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Sometimes I connect with girls on Instagram and overtime they sort of expose themselves as gold diggers or whatever. I had sort of forgot I was following this girl and then she took this picture of herself announcing how she is going to take dude's money.

That's why I'm very guarded to where I don't even want to spend $10 on a girl initially. The amount of guys I have seen who are perpetually broke because of spending money going on dates or just getting bled out overtime is pretty insane.

The thing a lot of guys don't realize now that is actually extremely shocking is the amount of upper tier chicks who are selling themselves in one way or another. Instead of finding a good guy to get married to and have a family these girls will go for the short term quick hit of whoring themselves out essentially whether that is on a higher level like working at Hooters, Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt .....etc. Or starting OnlyFans accounts, having sugar daddies they bang for cash money or trips. Doing cam shows, stripping, and the list goes on.

If you see a lot of these women 18-25 and they are traveling more than me either they have rich parents or they are some sugar baby potentially for multiple men. A lot of these girls try to pretend they aren't prostitutes but that is what they are.

It is increasingly rare for women who are in that 8 or 9 out of 10 threshold to just be in a regular relationship with a guy and get married and have a family with him.

With social media even women who would be rated lower than that get mountains and mountains of likes and guys beg them to give them a chance. It turns into no guy is good enough and in cities with millions of men oftentimes these women will have a teenie bopper tease mentality well into their 30's.

As you can see from this girl I saw on Hinge. She is into her 30's still waiting for a Prince Charming to show up while she dismisses thousands upon thousands of men as not good enough.


You will even see attractive women in their 40s who say they want to have kids. They just can't figure it out. Their criteria gets stiffer as their looks and fertility fade. These women will usually use a man as a sperm donor and then within 2 years they won't be with him anymore. They will then extract child support out of him. Don't fall for this trick. She couldn't get on a man's program for 20 years. She isn't suddenly going to get on yours.

The Texas Scene

Just rolled in less than 24 hours ago and I'm going to be doing intense field research out there. It should be solid because I have an elite wingman here and we are going to boss out in general. Drive real fast, lift a bunch of weight, get cross faded, and brainstorm how to trancend time! The cars are protected from the Tornados and Hailstorms.


I don't post pictures of the car on my profiles or talk about it or anything. I have been taking girls to text vs going to Instagram because I don't want them to see the car. There needs to be attraction to my look to be genuine attraction.

Going to text can be tough from the aspect it is tough for the convo to fade quick compared to Instagram some of these girls are following me until the end of time.

The Rise of Gen Z

The shocking reality is that as much as various generations point at the younger generation and act like they don't have it together I would say this is going to be legitimately true for these younger generations because they don't even know what gender they are half the time.

That 18-25 demographic is in the prime band of the dating market which becomes a major problem. If they are going on about woke shit I hit the exit quick. You will see a lot of girls putting She/her/they pronoun bullshit on their dating profiles and instagram. If they are falling into that narrative they aren't worth 3 more seconds of my time.

The situation with that stuff will get way worse.


The population of extreme dog moms, trannies, and college girls whoring themselves will continue to explode.

Women 25-45 have replaced having children with dressing up dogs for Christmas, Easter, Halloween.... etc Sales of pet food will explode. These women will go broke buying all this stuff for their pets.

95% of single men are completely invisible to women. Only that upper tier of men can get anything respectable without paying for it at this point. Often guys realize this and drop out of the dating scene all together.


As men we can scale back our spending and survive. Women typically spend at a way higher rate than us on stuff they can never recoup any value out of like holiday decorations and random little pieces of wood that say stuff like, "The home is where the Heart Is" or something of that nature. I just wear stuff from 10 or 15 years ago and can build a fort in the woods if I have to.

If you are a young guy in college and you wonder why these hot girls never have a boyfriend but are somehow always going on a vacation. A lot of times it is the sugar daddy situations. This type of thing will get worse and worse. Suddenly regular guys have no access to these women in a normal sense. Often these girls have never been in a normal healthy relationship situation. All these girls are damaged and can't be saved....... it's like J. Cole said, "Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved, don't save her!"


Some of these places even I'm partially invisible in the United States. You might feel like this as well and oftentimes it isn't your fault. On average these women are very unsettled and have all types of mental issues. Instead of getting with a solid dude they seak guys they can extract resources out of or boss around. They might realize that is too much work in your situation and reject you to make themselves feel better. They are addicted to rejecting guys. Let them be broke and let their fertility isn't your problem.

At any age you are just going to have to boss up and cast a large net hopefully in an area where women look decent and where you can gain traction.

I'm going to pull out every aspect of my game here in Texas to really do a proper field study. I will report back soon!


The overt narcissists out themselves pretty quickly, its the covert narcs you have to worry about. Many people do not realize how destructive Narcissistic personality disorder is.

You are right. I could see covert narcissism hitting hard in corporate work environments where the woman maybe ends up with a "work husband" that gives her attention

Lol this shit had me wheezing thanks for the honest take and the laughs! It’s funny because it’s true but it’s also sad

The situation is spreading all over the world I fear. Practically an extinction level event.