Mondays are for coffee...and books on true crime

in #dbuzzlast month

Last night, I was relaxing and going through Amazon - you know, one of those nights where you're casually scrolling through Amazon for stuff you don't actually need. Then BAM! I found something that piqued my interest and I had to have it...Random finds are the best! 🎉

true crime.jpg

P.S. Please tell me I'm not the only one here who's into true crime!😅


This reminded me that the phrase "true crime" actually means "a crime story that happened in reality" and not "a crime that's so horrible it truly deserves to be called crime" which is for some reason always my first thought... Hmmm...

I don't really like crime stories, and I usually only read because of curiosity. I rather read about the good stuff in the world instead.

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Oh thank you for this, I didn’t know that! I only read out of curiosity too. It’s the biggest reason why I took a crash course in Criminology 😊 Also, so I can try and read people better lol

Amazon manipulates what books you see and buy, If I buy books then not from Amazon . :(

I usually don’t buy reads from Amazon. There’s a really cool Canadian website I usually get books from. This one was just in the spur of the moment 😀

Ok..ok 😅😅 I hope it was good. 🤗

Oh yes! Had a bunch of nightmares the other night so I’d say it’s great! 😁 Thank you 😊

Uh ... it was like this good :)) ... You must read one more time then :))

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