dCity Presidency Won, Whats Next?

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Looks like I did it, I'm the current dCity president. This was a close race at some points, where the SIMPower difference was very very small. Thank you to all those who voted for me and got me elected in.

The first thing that I did was disable all the taxes except for basic tax, which is set at 3.955%. This got us to a total of 90% taxes. I'll adjust that number to be lower if income tax or war lobby goes up, but if income tax goes down, I will not adjust it up for the current presidency. Until the income tax comes down to 50%, no other taxes will come online. Once we do reach that point though, I might consider activating the war tax(and other taxes with benefits as the income tax comes down even more, but the first step has to happen).

Right now we are sitting at 90% tax for those without a law firm, and 81% for those with a law firm. After weeks of nearly 98% tax or sometimes even over 100% tax, I'm sure many players will enjoy this for at least the next two weeks.

As for the card buying and burning, it will begin tomorrow and the account @rishisock1 will be used to do the buying and burning(and maybe writing a report about what was bought and burned). Looking at the last presidential salary, it was about 6.4K sim, so that much will go towards buying and burning 1st edition cards. While not a truly high number, it might be enough to impact in the longer term. I'll be targeting the cards that are cheap with high income. Only cards listed for sale with SIM will be bought and burned as the SIM will not be sold into any other currencies.

Good luck and enjoy the game everyone.


I haven't even played in a month because of the stupid high taxes.. took the fun outta the game

Eh, I see it as part of the game. Taxes will go all over and just gotta be prepared for them. Voting someone else in is probably the easiest way.

Congratulations, Mr President.
Like your counterpart in El Salvador, will you enforce dCity to accept Bitcoin as a legal tender too? 😀

Thanks. I guess, send all your bitcoin to my address :) and you'll get houses.

The COM token holders will be pleased to see our payout reserves will grow a bit more! Thank you sir!

Hopefully we get back to 0.005 sim soon :)

Congrats, I do not play, but hope you manage to lower taxes 😀

I'll try my best. Its an interesting game, might send some cards over later today if I remember :)

Downvote because I hate dcity and think its pay to play freemium spam, same shit I get on google that I don't want to see on hive.

My reaction to being downvote by a witness who I had pledge support for?

I was simply publicly taking back the good words I had put forth.

How is that a downvote war?

I just denounced the witness in the public forum. I didn't say downvote them, I said you need to see the way they handle vaccine hesitancy and questioning the narrative, before you endorse this witness.

Is questioning witness ethics in public mutually exclusive to a downvote war?

@snon understands where I am coming from, the other 66% of the users running the node didn't give me a response worth continuing my endorsement of their witness.

What do you not understand?

This will escalate much further if I have been singled out for criticizing the vaccine again. I would also appreciate being able to share literally in the fucking #Infowars for the love of mother fucking fuck....

I'm not sure how much more edgy or cringe Lord of hashtags I could use to put it more "out there" or On The Fringe niches of hashtags on hive, but I did literally everything in my power to tag that appropriately.

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I am glad taxes are lowered right now, 100% taxes almost destroyed the game.