Proud to be a Tire 5 Tech Card holder and My dCITY story .....

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Hi Everyone,
I started playing this great game only 4 weeks ago and it gives me a nice income each day at the moment. Actually this is a very fun game, with lots of strategies to study and then you can make an efficient city and also you can have a reasonable income in SIM token and HIVE daily.

I am not going to explain how this game works as there are lots of great tutorials and posts about dCity, but anyone can ask any question on how to build a nice city.

I think my city is one of the best efficient city in the game.

Well I explain you why I think this:

  1. Popularity - I stay around 35 - 45 in the ranking list (this list is based on population) due to the fact that I have a very good popularity. Even some of the top 25 players haven't got my figure.
  2. SIM income - Again when you see the ranking list, my Income is much higher than when considering my competition players around my place
  3. I am the only player that holds a TIER 5 tech card at the moment.
    I am a bit proud of having this one as there are no others tier 5 circulating in the entire dCity at the moment.

Here you can see my TIER 5 tech card

ad re.jpg

When discovering a technology, the probability is determined by tier and this special card has 2% chance to discover.
This great tech card boost my income nicely as I have some bunch of Garbage Dumps in my city.


In this journey I found some nice persons to share some knowledge and tips.
Thanks to @gerber (dcity game creator) for giving quick reply when we have a issue.
Also special thanks to @webdeals for supporting me in this journey.
Also I must mention all these nice person like @forykw, @d-pend, @libert, @bobawondua, @the01crow, @pixaroma, @cryptoknight12 ...etc

I will share some of my tricks with others in my next posts.

I would like to invite my friends to come and play this amazing game!


Awesome and congrats on discovering this tier5 technology!

Congratulations on discovering this great card!

Lucky 🍀 beauty 💋

Congratulations on first Tier 5 card! I've discovered a couple Tier 1 and a Tier 2, most of which I've traded away. Not sure whether I would keep Advanced Recycling or not... I guess it depends on what people are willing to offer. People with deeper pockets would likely get more out of it than I would.

Excellent tech for one with so many garbage dumps! This is the secret to such high Incomes! Cheers!

I've never seen such efficiency as in your city, amazing.

Congratulations. Certainly a rare find and also being the first. Maybe @gerber can enact a history wall of fame.

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