Deadlifted 455lb With The HEX Bar

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I deadlifted 455lb with the Hex bar which is technically a lifetime personal best with the HEX bar and equals my lifetime personal best with the straight bar. I didn't use straps.

I'm looking to get up to 500lb without getting injured and then just stop there.

What do I get for lifting all that weight? Batman and The Flash showed up and asked me to be in the Justice League!

In all reality after lifting that much weight it is a big confidence booster and makes you feel invincible.


You could be a great recruit for special forces school with that body. I bet they will make you the squad's machine gun carrier/operator! You will have to grow a beard though. 😅

Hahaha, thanks! Yeah....I have tried to continue to progress and defy the constraints of gravity!

nice, the best personal development program is the deadlift. Same body but a bit of doubt and you don't lift it, it does not move an inch.

It's very true. It is unreal how much power it takes to get it moving at all.

Nice work, but careful on the lower back.

Yeah, I have been making sure I go up safely. Back issues are the last thing I need to be dealing with now.

Dude I still have no idea how to lift. I’ve been thinking about trying it but I don’t know where to start.

you can learn with personal trainer or watching more videos