The Illusion Of Freedom, by Jim Quinn (article repost w/decline payout) - AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ

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The Illusion Of Freedom,

by Jim Quinn (article repost w/decline payout)

Guys, this is a repost of a 100% spot on assessment of the current state of affairs in the United States.

He didn't leave anything out and I don't see anything in there that can be refuted.

The Orwell quotes therein are eerily suited, to say the least.

I've reposted Jim's work before, as he is a very astute writer with his finger on the pulse of the nation.

If I were to cite passages from this work, I'd have to cite the entire piece; so, I'll simply leave you with the link to read it for yourself.

Prepare accordingly.

In Peace & Liberty



Thanks for posting this. Do you always get demonetized? I see a number with a line through it where I would up-vote.

One innacuracy, though. The guy shirtless was supposedly a republican staffer somewhere, according to CNN. (Fact check needed on that)

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