Yield Farming Opportunities January (2021)

in #defi6 months ago

It's been a while since I've talked about #Yieldfarming on the channel. Today I'll be sharing 6 different projects that are either interesting or promising-looking tokens that you might want to get. Now it needs to be said not all have audits so there are risks involved here. Please check out DeFi Yield Website (https://defiyield.info)

  1. Stabilize - https://www.stabilize.finance
  2. Bao Finance - https://www.bao.finance?ref=0x0eCddcF41754360AB129d7Ca4c8ABf220F9c32BD
  3. WanSwap - https://wanswap.finance/#/farm
  4. Sora - https://sora.farm
  5. Beefy Finance - https://app.beefy.finance
  6. Helmet Insure - https://app.helmet.insure/mining

Thanks for stabilizing and DefiYield for sponsoring this video. As always make sure not to invest all your money in one project or take unnecessary loans, risks always exist. #Ethereum #DeFi

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