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Oh, great that you (your 8 man developer team in 1 person) got over it. Who cares about transparency in your services, right?

How would you feel if I had created isteemd without disclosing it. And I'd just answered that it doesn't matter, because the opinion won't be biased.

Disclose it ASAP that isteemd and therising are connected!

Oh and something else:

Deleting your messages on discord won't change the fact that you've lied. You've lied blatantly about every fact. Why should I believe you now?


Regarding the parent group information, it is disclosed on the front page of Isteemd is not an opinion site. It just curates data from the blockchain which is verifiable. That's why your project smartsteem always had a better score than therising or any other bot. Have a great day.

You had the same writing style as the person behind isteemd on discord. I've never seen anybody writing with .... 4 dots inbetween sentences. And when I called you/isteemd out - the writing style changed.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

Stop lying. I've got enough evidence/screenshots.

And regarding the scores:

BS. Even after switching from 95% to 100% payout - the score was the same. (8.60)

If it were truly fetched from the blockchain only, a change in the score should have been noticable.