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Bytom (BTM) Delisting Notice (31/08/2018)

As of today (31 August 2018), Bytom (BTM) has been put into delisting status. Bytom is currently performing a swap to a MainNet coin and Cryptopia will not be participating in the MainNet swap. According to Bytom, swap progress will end before 30 September and they will not support technical support for ERC20 token swap afterwards.

Please withdraw your ERC20 BTM to a compatible wallet. Refer to Bytom's Twitter for more information about the swap and where to deposit your BTM:

PLEASE NOTE: Cryptopia is in no way endorsing these links or their safety. Please take absolute care and observe best practices regarding internet safety.

Trade markets are now closed, and we recommend cancelling any open orders of BTM on your account so that all held balances are available for withdrawal. To ensure your funds are off the exchange before BTM is removed, please withdraw any balances to a compatible wallet at your earliest convenience.

BTM will be fully delisted one month from today, and the last day on the exchange will be 30 September 2018.

Announcement regarding the delisting of coins which may be 'Financial Products'.

Dear Cryptopians

*** 15/06/18: UPDATE to this notice

These following coins are no longer delisting on Cryptopia, as they have demonstrated evidence that their project no longer has aspects of a Financial Product:

Digipulse (DGPT);
InterstellarHoldings (HOLD);
Lithium (LIT);
Bonpay (BON).


Cryptopia is registered as a Financial Service Provider in New Zealand. This registration only allows us to list coins that are not 'Financial Products' on our exchange. The concept of a 'Financial Product' under New Zealand law is similar (but not identical) to that of a 'Security' under US law (and equivalent definitions in other jurisdictions).

We continually review and update our operations to ensure we remain compliant with our legal obligations. Cryptopia is committed to ensuring we are compliant so we can remain a responsible company both under New Zealand law and in order to meet our own ethical standards.

As a part of ensuring that we remain compliant, and on the basis that we are not permitted to list financial products, we must delist all coins that are, or are likely to be, financial products according to New Zealand law.

The coins set out below have all been put into delisting:

Aureus (AURS)
Bitradio (BRO)
ChronosCoin (CRX)
DecentBet (DBET)
ProudMoney (PROUD)
OX Fina (OX)
21Million (21M)
BitcoinDark (BTCD)
BlockOptions (BOP)
Bonpay (BON) * (no longer being delisted. See update above)
CrowdCoin (CRC)
DigiPulse (DGPT) * (no longer being delisted. See update above)
DRP Utility (DRPU)
EncryptoTel (ETT)
Futereum X (FUTX)
HomeblockCoin (HBC)
InterstellarHoldings (HOLD) * (no longer being delisted. See update above)
Lithiumcoin (LIT) * (no longer being delisted. See update above)
MatrixCoin (MATRX)
PlexCoin (PLX)
TenX (PAY)

We wish to notify our users of the following process:

PayCon (CON) * (no longer being delisted. See update above)
Bitgem (BTG)
BeatCoin (XBTS)
Eurocoin (EUC)
Melite (MLITE)
BeaverCoin (BVC)
PieCoin (PIE)
NuBits (USNBT)
Vibranium (XVI)
DibCoin (DIBC)

We are delisting these coins as they have ongoing technical problems such as no working block explorer, no connections or being an abandoned project. We want to ensure our customers have access to digital tokens that continue to meet our coin listing criteria and have a properly functioning blockchain and wallet. To ensure your funds are safe and off the exchange before these coins are removed, for those where it is possible we recommend withdrawing these coins from the exchange immediately. Prior to withdrawing, we recommend checking the CoinInfo page as to the status of the coin.

PLEASE NOTE: We can not find any working block explorers for these coins so the inability to withdraw your balance is not due to Cryptopia but caused by a problem with the underlying Blockchain or Wallet associated with that coin. Please do NOT contact us about this issue as there is nothing we can do to assist. These coins/projects are effectively abandoned.

Whilst this may cause some inconvenience, these coins are being delisted to ensure we remain compliant under New Zealand law.

It is possible we may delist further coins that we consider may be financial products in future.

Kind regards,

The Cryptopia Team


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