wooden bedroom .

in #design8 months ago

I got the idea of ​​this design from this picture of the page called Architecture & Design

. The picture looks like it's a real bedroom. I love this bedroom photo. But mine is not like that. I tried to do it like the picture but it didn't work. Here I have made a slight difference i.e. the size of my bedroom is bigger. Due to which it seems that the room is not complete.

Here the room is taken (15 'x 15') in size and room height 12 'in the middle.
The wall seen on the side is 3'7 "high. The room has a total of 3 windows. And all the furniture used here is taken from the 3D warehouse. All the wooden textures are used here. And the textures are all given from the D5 render. Also rendered with D5 render software, all natural effects have been added here such as sunlight, bloom, fog, artificial light and used. Almost all the images have been rendered in 4K size.Of the many pictures, these ones have been the best. Here are some more pictures. Hope you like it.






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