Hive core developper meeting #8

in #dev8 months ago

Meeting tl;dr:

This meeting was mostly about testnet sync and how we want to do testing, we are very close to release so we want to make sure that everything works.

@blocktrades' team is still working on hivemind and the last details still need to be ironed out. We are pushing the hard fork date from the 16th or even to the 22th (of september) if things don't go as planned. We want everything to be perfect, and it's better to be one week late than to launch and have the blockchain fail at some point.

regarding testnets we will create three:

  • One testnet with the new chain id, and where the super-majority of witnesses run hard fork 24, we want to see how the transition from hf23 to hf24 goes
  • One testnet this time without the supermajority, to see how the transition goes
  • One attacknet running with the new chain id and supermajority. The goal will be to provide a bug bounty to whomever can take the network down / cause an outage / notices a significant bug (details to be shared later).

Later on we'll see about organizing a but bounty program to generalize the attacknet approach if proven successful.

If you are witness and want to help out, get in touch with me via slack, mattermost or discord to setup a node on the testnets.

We will start from scratch so the requirements will be very small.


The one meant for people to break sounds fun lol.

What do I need to connect to these test ones? I wouldn’t mind helping doing some testing if I could.

Awesome, I will publish a guide with how to do it very soon.

Awesome, thanks! If you wouldn't mind tagging me in the post so I can get the notification, that would be great! If not I will make sure to keep an eye out and follow your account!

@howo, Keep up with the effective work and keep making the Foundations of Hive Blockchain more stronger.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

Exciting stuff ahead! Can't wait.

hieee @howo you all are really working hard to make hive more interesting... may all your hardwork pay off soon... thankyou for your work for us....