Advertising Proposal #149 - Thank you!

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Thank you for the support

The proposal is over 50 percent of the way to getting funded lets push it the rest of the way this week!

To summarize, this proposal aims to get funding in order to help advertise HIVE on different platforms and (as some of us have suggested) support those that are already working very hard to get the word out about our amazing platform.

The rest of the blockchain space needs to understand that this long standing community delivers not only great technology, 3 second block times and 0 transaction fees but also a home for many artists, musicians, writers and much more. We are the greatest community in the blockchain space and we deserve to be heard and recognized!

Rise to the top with support from our great community

Let's do this! We may not be one of those high priced tokens who shill their economy non-stop but we have something no other project has, communities! With so many great ones on here it is only a matter of time that new potential users will notice us but that is not soon enough IMHO. As I mentioned in my proposal post, the time is now to get the word out about HIVE and its censorship resistant social platform. With your support of my proposal I can do what is necessary to help get the word out about HIVE and support those already doing so such as @nathanmars one of our favorite twitter marketers!

Help me help Hive rise to the top!

Your friend and Hive brother,

-- Daniel Pittman aka Danny Qwoyn

To support this proposal simply visit any of the links below and give your support, even if you don't have much HIVE Power. It costs nothing and only takes a few seconds! Thank you!