44 Years Of Bad Decisions

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For the past few months, I've been feeling like garbage.

Headaches, no energy, just miserable...But this is nothing new for me. Generally, I feel 'sickish' every few months, but then it goes away....This time thought, it was different. I kept feeling like trash and I knew something was wrong...

So I went to the doctor, did some blood work and I'm now the proud recipient of Type 2 Diabetes.

How did I get here....

Working from home over the past 20 plus years I've lived a very sedentary lifestyle. Literally...No physical activity at all. And sure, I had my phases, heck I even lost like 40 pounds by getting into jogging but nothing really stuck.

On top of that, let's just say my diet was as you would expect...I never really dove into sugars but the portion sizes for me, were astronomical...Bullet proof youth, I thought, would be there forever and I could worry about my health down the road.


Here's my new best friends:


A fancy glucose monitor, some cholesterol pills and of course, metformin to get my blood sugar in check...

However, I'm treating this diagnosis as a blessing in disguise. Because now, at 44...Drastic changes HAVE to be made and I'm tackling it head on...

I need to lose the weight, watch what I eat and remain active for the next 44 years on the planet (God willing!)

And right now, I'm learning everything I can about diabetes and am ready for the challenge.

My starting weight is...Heavy.


As a 6'2" 44 year old male, this needs to go down...Big time.

And the Hive blockchain is going to help me do it...Thanks in large part to @actifit

Over the past week and a bit, I've been tracking my activity on the app and going for hikes around my home. Nothing major to start, but I'm doing about 6000 steps a day, 3.5 kilometres and trying to increase my pace each day.

Hopefully in a few months, I'll be able to start jogging again but I need to lose some weight first for my knees and joints to handle it.

(Quick note: I'm down to 314 lbs since last week....I think that's a good thing, but we'll see where I'm at next week...)

My blood sugar is...Really high. Even after the first few days of metformin and hiking, I'm around 14.4 mmol/L but today it was trending down....I need to practice what I preach here on Hive when it comes to my health...Slow and steady. I'm not going to get this way down in a day or less, so I need to keep at it.

And here's why this is so important to me...


My reasons why....

Sure, I wanna be healthy and live a long life...But I REALLY want to be there for my wife and 3 sons.

I'm way too young to tap out now, so over the next few months expect a lot of posts like this...To keep myself on task and for those that might wanna follow my journey too.

Anyone reading this that might feel 'bulletproof youth' will be there forever, it's not...Take the steps now so that you don't have to pop pills in the future or even worse.

Enough talk....I've got pounds to shed and blood sugar to lower :)


Hi Jon. First I want to say you have a beautiful family. This is foremost the best reason to live a long and healthy life to be there for them.

It's been a while since we spoke. Even though life has taken us on two different paths once entrenched into Hive, other obstacles stay the same.

I dealt with the same issues you are dealing with now. You may remember my series on my Type 2 Diabetes in 2019. My A1C number was 288. Dr's orders...get that down over 200 points. I felt it was impossible.

First thing, I found out I was allergic to Medforin. So I was on a 6 months quest to find the right combination of diabetes meds for me. Thankfully, I'm happy to report, even with my other underlying illnesses, that I met and exceeded my goal.

I know you can do it too. You're that type of person whose like a dog with a bone once you make your mind up. It's not easy. I've fallen off the diabetes wagon more times than I care to admit. But I jumped right back on it the next week realizing I didn't get that blood sugar level number overnight, and it won't go away overnight.

I'll be checking back on your future posts to see how you're doing. What I did was that I took a picture of my monitor each month and prepared my post. It was so nice to report my progress with many on Hive supporting my efforts.

Good luck on your journey. Take care.

Appreciate that, thank you so much for sharing :)

Yeah I'm too stubborn to stop but what you said is bang on...Took me 44 years to get to this point, it won't be changed overnight. Just need to show up, every day and press forward.

I'm up for the challenge :)

Just your wife should be reason enough to get in shape, she seems like an awesome and beautiful person :). I was in the best shape of my life when I was posting regularly about my runs on steem, looking good and getting payed for it is the best feeling ever :). Best of luck in getting healthy again !

Yeah I'm pretty biased, she's the best lol

I'm looking forward to shedding the pounds so I can get back to jogging. That was such a fun time in my life when I was running every day

You are the master of daily habits, so I have no doubt you'll win this battle as well. Slow and steady always wins the race. Keep up the great work!

Appreciated man, and of course...Once I start something, I'm too stubborn to stop lol

This post is definitely a wake-up call for me. I have not been working from home as long as you have and I have had a very active lifestyle before.

But after about 3 to 4 years of becoming too passive to my liking, I am already starting to see the consequences (I might just do a post about it too...).

Reading your post and some of the comments below, serves as a reminder to me of something I always believed any way...and that is the importance of movement and staying active.

I want to congratulate you on taking action and becoming active. I love your attitude to prepare yourself for a quality life for the next 44 years with your family.

I wish you all the best with your journey to a healthy and exciting life ahead!

Thank you sir!

The pounds really start to stack up when you sit on your computer all day so this is a welcomed change for me!

"I'm way too young to tap out now, so over the next few months expect a lot of posts like this"

I'll be looking forward to this. As a Dad of 2, who ended in the hospital 10 years ago because of bad habits, I can really relate to this.

You've got this. With your dedication, you will find a way to get more active and challenge yourself. But remember to keep it fun.

Oh for sure, I've been loving the hikes I've been doing. Gets me out, fresh air and the heart pumping....Only been about a week and a half of these changes, but so far I'm loving it

One thing I have learned about you Jon, over the years I have known you: Watch out when you put your mind to something. I have no doubt "you got this" and it was the smack in the face you needed. I was about to say best of luck, but hell, luck got nothing to do with it. YOU DO!

LOL Too stubborn to stop...Yeah man, I'm fired up for the changes!

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Although diabetes sucks it's great that you have posted here and want to make the best of it @jongolson! I have several members in my family with diabetes and I need to keep active not to end-up in this position as well.
I got involved with @actifit when they started and on a personal level it keeps me moving to reach 10k steps most of the days.
Tomorrow you should enter the Actifit Weekly Top 250 Leaderboard so let's see how high you can reach moving forward! 💪

I'm hitting around 6000 steps a day right now. I'll be able to get to 10k pretty soon I think :)

I need to lose the weight, watch what I eat and remain active.

You got this dude.

Physical and mental wealth is undervalued by most of us.


And you really take it for granted when you are young...

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Health is wealth.
Take care of your health.


You sure have a reason for this
I gusse that's what keep all of us in here
A reason of why we do what we do 😌

Reasons why are critical. In business, in crypto and in health!

I share your thoughts and feelings. Same here... I wouldn't wish luck but instead, I wish determination to all who have goals. Please remember, the courage to start is only the first step, you need to honor it by walking along the path. So keep the pace man!


Appreciated :)

Slow and steady!

Good luck, I hope you do well! Interesting reading you put out there, got me stuck! :)

Thanks for coming by the blog :) Appreciate it!

Anytime man, carefully written posts with great content really deserve some attention and upvotes! :)

Sorry to hear that you have got diabetes Jon, but really great to hear that you are taking steps, literally, to improve the situation, Actifit is great and maybe you might even consider doing this as part of the #IAmAliveChallenge, then you can also earn ALIVE tokens too, you got this Jon, stay safe, awesome and alive.

Here is the 4 steps of IAAC.

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Thanks man, I might do that on my @jonolsonproject It's where I'm doing all the Actifit stuff.

I will look forward to it. 😉

Such an inspiring post, @jongolson.

Just think about this: 44 years of knowledge (even if it has not been learned in the best ways). Use this time for acheive better improvements.

Appreciate that, glad you liked it.

Good way of putting it too! 44 years of knowing what not to do going forward LOL

Blood sugar is a personal thing--watch your monitor and you will find out what works for you. I had gestational diabetes with my 4th pregnancy and learned, with the help of a monitor, how to time my meals and walks to stay on an even keel. Thank God, that was my only experience with diabetes. Your body is smart, so listen to the data it gives you. Blessings to your beautiful family. !BBH

Thanks so much :)

It's crazy to see the spikes and the lows throughout the day...This monitor is awesome for that. Really makes you pay attention to what's in your system.

Information is power! !BEER (the safe kind)

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That is a killer in disguise you found there dude. :(

It is good to hear you are taking it so seriously and making the effort to change because a lot of people are not doing this even though it can make them feel so much better.

Keep us posted on the journey and I hope your life energy will be replenished fast because of your efforts to make it better!

Appreciate that!

Yeah and I have no idea how long I've had this cause I've been feeling like doo doo for a while now...So I've got a lot of work to do and no looking back.

Keep it up, even on those days when you might not feel like it. Over time you'll feel better and it will all be worth it. If there's something negative see if you can remove it from your life. But overall just enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. You got this!

Thanks man. Yeah, sitting on my butt for years really did a number on me...But it's all the wake up call I needed!

I hope your condition will stabilize to a better level, and that you will find pleasure in staying physical active. Wish you all the best!

Thank you! SO far, so good!

I am living a unhealthy life style too so I started Actifit. After trying to do some physical activity, I felt like I was dead and was felt it needed to change.

I don't have any weight issues but I wish you good luck on your goals and a healthy long life.

We've got a great app in @actifit right here on chain to help us get motivated!

Yea that was my decision to get active. I try to get 10k everyday but I tend to lose motivation after I see it at 10k because I would just say leave it for tomorrow.

Good luck buddy hope you don't drop dead working out. I mean this is a heart felt way from experiencing a cousin dying young from going too hard too quickly.

Nah nah, simple walks right now. Need to build up slowly :)

That's what I want to hear.
In no time you will be jogging then doing progressive cardio to hella killer workouts.

I say 1 year from now you'll be a beast.

What a shock... I also say "it's a worry for another day", but I think I should also be more mindful of what I'm eating and be more physically active and be preventative.

Beautiful family by the way and be healthy!

thanks for the kind words :)

yeah i had no idea how bad it was. just thought i was still a 20 year old lolol

I'm also still thinking I'm still in my teens or twenties and thinking I am as flexible as I used to and when I try some exercises my body just brings me back to reality 🙈😂.

LOL It hurts to get out of bed for me some days LOLOL

I have backpains 🙈🤣🤣
Is this our life now? Hahahahaaa Bonding over our "ailments" hahaha 🙈

Hey enjoy the weekend and be healthy! 💪

Good luck on your journey Jon. I am in the same boat as you. I am also 6'2" but weight a little less (still too high) and at least for the last year plus I have worked from home at my offline job and have been leading a stagnant lifestyle as well and I am paying for it due to the diagnosis. as you can see from the pic below, I am on the same Metformin, plus Glipizide to keep the BS down. We will get through this together... here's to losing the weight and getting our disease under control.

Diabetes meds.jpg

We should start a @actifit Healthier Lifestyle Tribe :-)

Let's go!

Get that @actifit app going, it works very well with sportstalk ;)

I have just started using @actifit it motivates me to get out there and exercise, but I have easily fallen behind on the reporting and posting part of it. HEre's to improvement :-)

I believe in you.
If you can have the discipline to be a successful marketer for years now.
You can certainly translate that same mind set to your health.
You are awesome.
Just do it, as my grandson would say.

thank you sir. that’s the exact same mindset i’m trying to bring. everyday. plus 1. slow and steady.

Courage my friend, we will be here to support you, with perseverance and patience you will succeed and reverse the effect of the sugar, you will have a completely healthy next 44 years.

appreciate that very much. thanks.

Well I see that we are all a big group, that need to cut back. I have my blood sugar mostly under control, but still need to get the weight down.

it’s crazy to watch it go up and down throughout the day. makes you very aware of what you put into your body.

You got this!

Slow and steady wins the race!

Have you considered hiring a coach?

Nah, havent looked into it at all. Interesting..

Wishing you all the best, good sir. We need you!

yessir. no plans to tap out for a few more decades yet lol

Bless u, Jon G-reatest Olson



You can do this. You've read the Compound Effect. So you know what small steps daily in the right direction can do for you. My wife has been diabetic for nearly as long as I've known her, (~ 20 years or so). Glad you are doing the right things.

Your small changes now will mean big differences later.

I'm rooting for you.

Plus 1 every day :)

Get the ball rolling and we'll see where this goes!!

After reading all of the comments, You have to feel good. Everyone here supports and believes that you can do this no problem. Just add the Plus 1 principle to your Health Goals. Do you have a 12 month Health (Goal) Plan? I do, we can keep each other focused. Once you settle into a healthier lifestyle it just becomes what you do like engaging on social media :-)

yessir. plus 1 each and everyday. in business and in life.

Best wishes on this new journey your life has taken you on. Knowing how you are so focused in your online business and here in the hive community, I have faith you can take part of that energy and use it on this. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Thanks very much!

Yeah I just need to take the advice I give everyone on Hive, and put it into practice with my health...Slow and steady :)

All the best @jongloson. Taking necessary steps to work on your fitness is a win in itself.

Just keep grinding buddy!

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Appreciated :)

Yeah the wife will be happy LOL

If I don't change my lifestyle I might get on the same boat.
I've been avoiding doctors because I'm afraid of what they have to say...but one day I have to...
So I will follow you and kick your butt if necessary so I can kick myself as well...

I know you got this :)

That's exactly why I never got it checked out earlier. I was scared for what the doctors would say....Well now I know, and it's time to get busy!

Best wishes on your journey to good health. You have wonderful reasons to make it work.
Thanks for the generous EL lucky number reward!

Thanks very much!

Yeah, they will keep me focused :)

Well I found out I was type 2 after the my hear attack so you got off easier then I did in a way It is a wake up call for sure. Good luck with the walks and eating better.

Yeah man, hopefully I've made the changes in time!

I am sure you have just keep the numbers where they are supposed to be and you will be fine
A good balanced diet and your metformin should do the trick and yes for you long walks in the woods as well. The long walks in the woods are out for me because of my lungs.

You got this today is a new day to change the 44 years of bad choices. I will be here to follow your journey! here to support your in any way i can. As of 4 years ago i was pre diabetic, blood work was not the best. Now 35 pounds down and feel amazing. I had major sleep issues and since i lost all the weight must better. You got this my friend

Appreciated man, I think a lot of these issues will subside when I've ben 'keeping at it' for a few months :)

Jon, Wishing you the best of luck my friend. We have so much in common when it comes to our size and dimensions :-)
I am glad this woke you up, unlike me. It took more extreme health challenges to wake me up. Now I am just getting to where I am trusting myself to walk around the yard 😀
I look forward to seeing your progress, and once I am getting my wheels back under me I will start sharing my exploits into the wilds 😃

I look forward to seeing yours as well. Maybe we can start pushing each other through this.

Looking forward to see the exploits man!! lol

Thanks for the support :)

Stay strong! Nowadays it's a very manageable disease, and you have a goid idea of what caused it. Nutrition is key, and more and more evidence suggests that it can actually be a reversible condition!

Yeah it's an uphill battle but I'm all in on it...No more excuses :)

Thaty's the spirit. Check this one, might help seeing another way of approaching it:

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. If it is weight related, the good thing is that it might be reversible. At least that's what I see in my family.

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yeah. or at least keep it under control. that’s the biggest thing i need to tackle.

All the best mate, I have one of those monitors, they work really well.

i’m new to it but so far it’s been a breeze to monitor and use.

I was close to it, so i admire your commitments. I was pre-diabetes, and i started to do moderate exercise, like 3 times x 15 minutes per week, and long walks, but i am still bad with my food choices, i cannot stick to is and i go back to my old habits. my weight is still over (28 BMI), and i try my best but my monkey mind is making verything harder.
good news thought, metformin on people with diabetes is know to enhance lifespan with extra 5 to 7 years if you have a decent diet.

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