Pasta and pottery about which I'm potty

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I'm still potty about McGregor's potters' work. The blue, cheese pots are Paul de Jongh's and the plates, Trish O'Keeffe's. I don't have enough of it. Or, depending on whose opinion, too much. And I'll get more...I have credit with Trish from our ongoing bartering...

Anyhow, I do use it and I love how food looks on it. The red and yellow, somewhat wonky (that's how it fires) plate ware are so versatile. The work for almost anything, serving, eating, stews and pastas. Mostly, it's pasta.


Last week, I didn't share our pasta - it was another simple one: pasta with a little tzatziki, garlic and olive oil, topped with crispy bacon bits. Served with garden broccoli, mature gouda and an avocado side salad. Avocado's in season at the moment. I do wish we'd get it in summer...


I do love how Trish's dishes curve up to hug the contents.


Last night's pasta was inspired by Tuesday's green bean and olive side. These pasta dishes must be nearly 20 years old: from the Rondebosch Potters' market and where we first came across Paul de Jognh, not knowing he was potter whose family would become friends in McGregor. Talk about circles of life....

For last night's pasta, I made an onion marmalade and dolloped that on top of pasta I had tossed in olive oil with fresh marjoram and olives with a mature gouda on the side. Served with a salad, of course.


Did it work? Yes. But. Next time I would used either oreganum or basil. The marjoram didn't quite work for me although The Husband liked it.


For a change, the salad saw red in one of Trish's bowl plates...and yes, there will be more, but they'll be different but archetypally Trish's.

Until next time, be well
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That's yummy with beautiful dishes. Hoping to have a taste of it someday 😊

The pasta and pottery look amazing :)

Very talented potters. We'll get no more of Paul's as he left us nearly two years ago. Trish is just coming into her own and look forward to every market to see what she's made. She stands next to me...

That is awesome although sad to hear about Paul.

oh wow I can see why you like that pottery! And bartering for it, how cool is that:)
The pasta looks pretty good too!

I lover bartering. Somehow,it makes things more "real". Hard to explain...

Bartering is awesome when you have things to barter about!